How To rank youtube videos On Google?

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hi i have couple of videos i want to get them to 1st page of google,,, any idea's? for me to follow plz share your experiences, thanks
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    Ranking your a YouTube video on Google is no different from ranking a site.

    1. Onsite - Optimize your title, description and tags.
    2. Offsite - Build up quality links.

    And you are done...only stop the link building or reduce when you reach the desired position.
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      johnben1444 is basically correct, it is just like ranking a website as much as google is concerned. Get your onpage SEO, as in good tags, description and title. And offsite SEO, link building and etc.
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    hmmm right,, anyone have a basic offsite SEO, link building method to share with me or a good wso to buy? specially for youtube video rankings?
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    wow this must be how to rank video month lmao
    Just use the search button plenty of post
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    It's all about the keywords IMO. Find low hanging fruit and/or seo via backlinks, on page stuff ...
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    Just as you would any page. Proper on-page SEO and quality backlinks.

    On page SEO:

    * Video title
    * Description
    * Tags
    * Video filename

    Likes, comments, favorites, etc, tend to help rankings on YouTube. But from what I can tell they have less of an effect on the rankings in Google. Backlinks are still pretty important when it comes to ranking the video in Google.

    Fortunately, YT has so much authority that it usually doesn't take much.
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    There are probably half a dozen really good courses that you could follow to help you get up to speed.

    Probably the best one (taking everything into consideration) would be Video Commission Formula by Mark Dickson and Matt Carter.

    I am not an affiliate for these guys so its info I willingly share. Don't expect Matt to reply though. Always found Mark very good in replying.

    "If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined - he will meet a success unexpected in common hours"

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