google sitemaps once you submit a site map does it only stick to those urls?

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hello once you submit a sitemap in webmaster does it not look for new links and pages only the 500 you submit and just crawls them?

thnak you
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    When you submit your sitemap to the webmaster tools, it will be crawled periodically so new URLs will also be crawled.
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    Nope, the google spider is really good at crawling out newly created pages and contents.. Unless you block them by robots.txt or noindex tags..
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    As far as I know and from experence, the sitemap is really for pages that are not linked well internally on your site so the Google spider can find them.

    If you have a new URL that has been indexed due to your sitemap, there should be no reason for Google to crawl links on that new indexed page. It doesn't just stick to the sitemap and only index URLs that may not be on it.
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    Resubmitting the sitemap is only a click - Why worry then ?
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    Its better to re-submit the sitemap to index it quickly if you have recently published a post rather than waiting for the Google to crawl your site and index it.

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    Rather then waste any time on the webmaster tools, I simply start opening up social networking sites and spreading the link. Google spider will crawl it faster from that then the site map.

    It also help to maintain some kind of schedule when updating your site, lets say once or twice a week. This will keep google coming back on its own, I tend to have pages spidered within an hour these days. Combine that with the social networking and you are in the index in hours.
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