Is seo necessary to every website?

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I want to know.... Is seo is necessary to increase visiblity for any kind of websites or not????
please give me your opinion.....
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    While SEO is great and I think every serious marketer should be doing it, you can also drive targeted paid traffic towards your website with PPC or a similar model. When doing SEO and PPC simultaneously, you can really get to understand keyword targeting in a much deeper way than if you were doing SEO only.

    What you also can do is, try PPC first, see what keywords bring convertible traffic and stick with those keyword in SEO.
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    It depends what your business model is; some business need SEO to get off the ground, others can be great with social marketing, etc.

    If your budget allows you what Trevor said is good advice: "What you also can do is, try PPC first, see what keywords bring convertible traffic and stick with those keyword in SEO. "
    If you did SEO and ranked but picked the wrong keywords in terms of traffic and conversions then a lot of time and money can be wasted.

    The best thing to do is tell us your concept and we can help you from there.
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    SEO is necessary.
    Yes, if you can do with all your sites.
    But i think it's not with your poftfolio/About company website.
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    Some sites I don't worry about seo, in fact I use rules so the engines do not even follow some.

    Every instance is different.

    Some types of site I may not use seo at a high level are things that happen now and will become stale quick.

    Lets say I am watching T.V. and all of a sudden I see a product that will take off but is a impulse buy and no it won't last.

    Another example but with this one I used a bit more seo but didn't kill it.
    I was watching T.V. as I was surfing, Dr. Oz kept going on and on about "Pure Green Coffee Extract" Well needless to say when I started my projects only a few websites were out there on that, now search it. That will last a bit.
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    No not for all sites, but for any site where others are also competing to make money then yes.
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    Nothing beats 2k organic traffic every day except... 3k

    However it would be wrong to not state that advertising wouldn't/doesn't help, after all look at all the companies doing it.
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    I would say if your in competition for something with other higher ranking sites then yes.
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    • SEO gives you a competitive edge and helps your website rank high in search results. You can get traffic from social media sites and paid advertising, but you should also focus on SEO for greater visibility and better rankings.
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    If there is a website, then there needs to be SEO. Without SEO there is no traffic coming to the website and no visitors.
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    according to me seo is the most important for any kind of website because it helps to improve the visibility of your site on different search engines and also helps to improve the business
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    According to me SEO is a tactic to appear in top position of SERPs.Today Competition increase day by day and every body have a site but how many people know about your site,this can be possible by giving some seo efforts,you can appear on the top position of SEPs.So SEO has become important.......
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    SEO is most crucial for Websites, we have huge competition nowadays, most of the big websites also competing in local keywords, and they are ranking well, i saw many websites which contains more backlinks, they will rank for almost pages or posts.
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    You can rank without any SEO if you pick the right keywords and your on page inter linking is good enough, I have done it with many websites.

    Don't be afraid to ask me any question about YOUR SEO issues right now! SEO is my First, Middle & Last Name.

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    If you want your website/business to be ranked in Google, then doing SEO is very much necessary.
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    You want to grow your business and make a mark in the market then SEO is the best way,do it.
    But if you don't want to compete(i guess everyone wants) then forget it.
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      You need to have SEO ion your website if you want to gain competitive edge.But avoid doing over keyword optimization.

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    I think SEO is good for every website and every one who want many visitors,queries and traffic then he/she will doing this but if you have very good unique and fresh content in your website and having good interlinking then it is good and have not need to do more process of SEO.
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    SEO is necessary but I mostly focus on social bookmarking services for increasing sites traffic and PR. My main tool for increasing the visibility for any kind of site is social media networks. SEO is important to get your website in first SERPs.
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    Originally Posted by sbglobal79 View Post

    I want to know.... Is seo is necessary to increase visiblity for any kind of websites or not????
    please give me your opinion.....
    SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or in essence doing anything you can to boost the visibility of the site in the search engines. This can get you many targeted visitors (when you rank for quality keywords) for "free" (you pay either by your time or pay to outsource link building etc.).

    In essence - no, SEO is NOT mandatory for every site. You may have a business model by which you gain traffic from for ex. Youtube or Facebook.
    Or you may for example have a landing page built to acquire email addresses of prospects, and you get traffic via media buys or PPC.

    Sure, SEO wouldn't hurt in these cases, but you may find getting traffic from other sources easier and more lucrative.
    That being said, it would be wise to do on-page SEO, as pretty much any site can rank for some keywords eventually.

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    The on-page SEO is a must needed, on-site SEO also help your visitor experience.

    SEO is necessary for every website which needs business and popularity on internet world. Otherwise if you make website for the other activity than try to use facebook for the promoting websites.

    If you make a website just to share a point of view or a personal website then the off page SEO can not be your priority.

    Hope that will help you.

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    Yes SEO is necessary. This is one effective way for your website to be found in search engines. But again, you should also be able to produce good content online and perhaps experiment with social networking sites.
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    Yes SEO is important but with penguin update it has less scope then earlier. As content is termed as king therefore one must strive to create unique content and in present time SMO and PPC are in trend
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    If you are opting out of SEO then you are saying that search engines are not important for this site.
    If this true, then your web site visitors will need to have another way to find you. A friend has a salon. He has his website address on all his printed promotional material and uses FaceBook to build a customer list instead of using the web page. It works for him as he is more familiar with these two advertising mediums.

    Personally, I think that basic SEO is so easy that it seems foolish not to ( eg. full in 3 boxes a page in XSitePro ).
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    Yes. Unless you have a bunch of authority sites (High PR) pointing to your site, but even then you still need to optimize for specific keywords.
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      SEO is much necessary to increase the visibility & appearance of website on search engines and brings huge relevant traffics on website to get lots of advantages.

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