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Yo Peeps,

I want to build a site that's entire audience is basically going to be hanging out in or around London, that village in the United Kingdom.

There's a site for sale that has a bit of age (4 years) but it is a .com no PR or anything. Relatively few backlinks & I would be pretty much scrapping the entire interest in keeping it.

Now since my audience is located in London, should I just purchase a domain or is there going to be some value in picking up a .com that has a little bit of age on it?
TY In Advance!

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    Originally Posted by hardinflash View Post

    Yo Peeps,

    London, that village in the United Kingdom.
    City... Capital city.

    It isn't too much of a problem either way, if you get the .com domain you can easily set the target audience to the UK in webmaster tool under configuration > settings.

    If you get the google will recognize your site will be more relevant to people in the UK, but again if you want visitor from the UK you should be setting the geographic target to the UK anyway.

    I think most would agree that while age is still handy, it isn't as important as it used to be as far as search rankings go.

    One last thing, if you do end up buying the already existing domain, don't scrap the pages the page which have links to them, instead 301 them to your home page, then at you'll retain some of the page rank they had.


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    Thanks Rob!
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    If I had to choose between a domain and a domain with "a bit of an age to it", I'd choose the former.
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