Longtails hurting Quality Score in Adwords?

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Hi guys,

I'm preparing the first adwords campaign which should have over 1000 longtail keywords. Everywhere on the internet I'm reading that it is great to use longtail keywords as it lowers your CPC and it doesn't matter how many people types them in as you can always increase that value with more longtails.

Then today I read this article on ppcblog from 2010 that longtails can hurt my Quality Score and the costs of CPC will raise?

I'm not really sure how to understand this, but please tell me if longtail adwords PPC campaigns are still the best way to save money and get great results?
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    Some time long tail keywords can work it but mostly ppc works on short and huge traffic keywords.
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  • Long tail keywords are best for SEO but if you plan to use these keywords on PPC, you may want to just limit it to 2 keywords the most.
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    The market I'm aiming at already has huge competition over short keywords and I believe longtails are my best bet into getting exposure. I was thinking of also using other longtails for SEO for positioning my blog articles, but for now I wanted to do some PPC on product related keywords to get some traffic first in order to do some on-side optimization. I'd like to use keywords as I don't want to waste to much money in the beginning when paying for clicks with large avg. CPC.

    Will Adwords PPC not work well if I input a thousand longtail keywords to see which get impressions and/or what CTR? I'll most likely remove the ones that are completely useless, but that's why I want to test first which keywords are worth something.

    Ok, I've just found out that google won't even show my longtails if they deem the search volume for them is too low. Some of the longtails I put have for example 12 global monthly search and $3 as avg. CPC. This is totally insane or I don't know jack about how to effectively use adwords in my market.
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