Does it matter when i build backlinks i use the same IP address?

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I have been manually building backlinks for my new website.

I used to use programs or outsource seo. But i have never done manual building.

I have done like a week's worth of manual seo and the results are shocking. I wish i done it before.

The problem i face is... will the search engines see my link building as from the same IP address and not count them or worse penalise my sites?

If so do i have to build backlinks from proxies or something else?
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    Unless you are building backlinks on properties that belong to a search engine (YouTube, Blogger, Yahoo Voices, etc), they have no idea what IP address you are using. They would need to have access to those website you are building the links on.
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      Hi Kadztheman,

      IP addresses are not a ranking factor.

      You can build your content on any IP address you wish, it makes no difference to search engines. The quality, utility , and relevancy of you content is what matters the most. Create and publish high quality useful content and link it to other high quality relevant content, in a way that is useful to users, and don't think twice about IP addresses.

      What you do want is diversity in backlink traffic sources, the broader the traffic sources, the greater the pool of potential traffic sources will be.
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    You should be fine as long as you are not using your own sites that are all hosted on the same IP to create backlinks and you are doing them as naturally as possible.
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