How many employees work in your SEO company?

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I was wondering and thinking about how many of you guys running their own company and no. of employees work in your company. I also want to know if your business goes up or down after Google updates recently in 2 years. How do you see changes in seo industry after these updates, does your company strength increase or decrease and how long you guys took to reach at a potential level to start a company or firm.
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    I work for an agency with approximately 80 people in our SEO department, we are based in Central London and our growth is consistent, if not increasing.
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    Why not anyone answering of this question...please.
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    To answer though I run this much like when I was a private consultant in software development, I run things myself and outsource those services I feel that can spend my doing other things more worth while and cost effective.
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    I work for a company with close to 80 people, but I am the only SEO person. We have a social media person as well and I work closely with him since his work directly affects traffic and inevitably the SEO rankings. Lately, we have not seen drastic moves since the first initial Panda updates.
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    Hello, thanks for the help. I was also in a company of 15 people...
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    We are just 4 SEO's in our company and i guess its enough people to get my website up.
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    We have a very small company related to SEO, link building, content writing, and we have just 4 partners...

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    I have a team of 7 full time staff in the office, all are connected to SEO in some way, be it social media, Article sourcing, sales and so on.

    However the team micro manages about 40 others between them in remote locations to keep our costs down and profit margin up.

    Remote locations usually being home.

    Size means nothing in the scheme of things, niche by niche:

    I have a client in the eCommerce industry that has a Web Design department larger than most Web Design Companies, yet they have no on site SEO and they don't sell into the services industry vertical in any way.
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