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I have a site that was ranked first page for tons of keywords yesterday, and today is on page 5 for some keywords and 10+ for most.

Since this is not the 1st site that has done this, I noticed a trend and have to ask if anybody else sees anything similar, or their own trends.

So whenever this happens, it's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the day after I get the most visitors to the site.


I rank up...the site climbs...I get more and more visitors and everything looks great. Then one day I get more visitors than any other day.

And the next day the site is gone.

I'm not making this up, it's happened a solid 10 times now.

Things this site is NOT, or is not doing doing:

The google dance - I already went through the dance when the site was new. I ranked 1st page in 1 day actually, and after about 3 weeks (right around when Google started de-valuing links due to blog networks..or whatever the hell they did) the site disappeared from the map.

After about 2 months it came back, and has been climbing ever since.

I haven't built links to the site since then....not a single one. So to say that I have unnatural links or whatever and that's why it took a dive yesterday would mean you have to understand that those same links brought the site back from the depths of hell in the first place.

And I really don't believe that my lack of link building has anything to do with it. I test out "non competitive" keywords a LOT, and the ones that I rank for don't even require links most times.

I'm talking about keywords that are so untapped that a post on a posterous blog ranks 1st page in 5 minutes.

I've made post after post on this site and the keywords rank very highly without ANY link building...and not for a day or two....it's been months for some of my carefully keyworded posts.

I understand how links work, but I am in very low competition zones here.....or zero competition zones.

It also means that it survived Penguin and actually ranked UP during that time.


I don't target keywords that everybody else does. I find untapped keywords that rank insanely fast....therefore I often have zero competition for my keywords, so I didn't just get a 10+ page bump from someone else.

I don't know what else it could be but I'm bored with Google. My bounce rate on the site is around 40% which I don't care what anybody says...that's not terrible!

My page views are 2.9 or so, so people are staying around the site for a while before leaving....so it's actually a "useful" site for people. Not an authority, but not a niche site with 2 pages.


My question is still...have you guys noticed any kind of pattern like mine? Like for me, when I get a lot of traffic in one day, I know my site is fu*&ing doomed the next?

I won't be shocked if it's just me....that is the luck I've had since birth, but it's ridiculous at this point.

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    This is happening with one penguin affected site for me, at least I think its because of a penguin penalty, as the the site dissapeared after the penguin update. Then when it started to climb back, it used to rank higher for days and then fall even lower again. The same repeated a few times until now.

    I'm not selling anything in here.

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      Yea, this has been happening all day for me with all of my sites. My site's ranked #1 for the keyword so I'll check it at 4pm and it's the 4th result, then at 6pm I'll check it again and it's back at the 1st result. Yesterday I was ranked for a number of other keywords and now today I'm not ranked for any of them. I've seen this happen many times so I wouldn't worry about it.
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      Originally Posted by Mr Lim View Post

      Same things happen to me, I have a all keywords on 1st page, and one golden keywords on the 1st spot, and things just getting so good that my site are now slapped!!

      Now just one of my keyword were on the 2nd page, others were nothing and none are on Top 100.

      Was this recently, like in the last few days or just in the last few months or a long time ago?

      I know Matt Cutts said something about a Penquin refresh a few weeks back but I don't know (or care) when they rolled it out, and I don't see other people complaining very much.
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    Sometimes it happens to me too, but I don't care for it and I keep building links and one day it gets its position where it was...

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