Which is better SEO Or SEM?

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cna any one help me which is the best profession SEO or SEM to earn Money.
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    In my view SEO is the best...
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    SEO is best for Free and SEM is best for Paid... choice is yours...
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    SEO is better for internet marketing because SEM takes lot of money.
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    I will advice you that you should mix both these methods of marketing for your better marketing output and in this way you can get good figure of traffic as well as business.
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    SEO is better than SEM as it helps in generation of organic traffic and SEO.
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    SEO is better..do not need much money like SEM
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    If you want to earn money then choose SEO.Its the best choice.
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    In my opinion both the techniques are best bu where the difference lies is...SEO is very slow process and SEM is bit faster then that.
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    SEO is useful for organic search results.SEM is useful paid search results.In Search Engine Marketing,you can buy ads,your websites is listed top but you can stop buying,your websites goes down.SEM has high costing service and SEO has low costing.comparing both search engine optimization is helping for all time.
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    Seo is best and free of cost . But is a lengthy process of promotion.
    Sem is the direct marketing by the search engine and this is paid marketing.
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    Seo will give your organic and relavant searches while SEM will give you just visitors so seo is better.
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    SEO is better than SEM.
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      Well you can't compare SEO and SEM both got their own importance. If you got money then you can go for SEM otherwise SEO is the best to rank your website on top of the major SERPs.
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    Firstly you should focus on SEO after that you can go for SEM.....
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    For me SEO is better as long as you do it correctly.
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    Definitely SEO . Although you can use SEM initially to make people aware about your website

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    SEO is more than better.
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    It all depends upon your requirement. If you want to get quick conversions then PPC is best and if you are looking for long term business then SEO is best.
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    For long term resukts, SEO is definitely better than the SEM. You will gain an amazing rise in online popularity.
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  • Profile picture of the author gracyluther
    SEO is best for No cost and SEM is best for Compensated... option is yours...
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Jocky
    In fact, SEO is one of the part of SEM. But SEO got more popular than SEM in recent days because of its effective result for free or low of cost. The results from SEO gives a long time benefits while SEM is for short time.

    SEM may be more expensive but can give immediate result than SEO. SEO is cheaper and long time taken and SEM is costlier but short time taken. In my point of view, SEO is better to get ROI very fast.
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    For me SEO and always will be..
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    In my point of you SEO is the best one for earning money.because SMO only used for producing traffic for the sites,but the SEO used for organic site promotions without loss money.
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    SEM is quicker, but costly. SEO is slower and cheaper.

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    Search engine optimization is better than SEM because by doing SEO, you will surely get effective & better results than SEM.

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    I believe SEO is better to earn money then SEM.
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    SEO has much more customers, but if you want to be a professional you have to learn both
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    SEO is better then SEM.for getting the maximum exposure and popularity for a website SEO plays a big role.
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    According to me SEO is better than SMO, if you are targeting the right kind of keywords then you can generate good amount of traffic. Through SEO you can generate region base traffic which can be helpful in getting leads.
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    Well both are importnat because one is give you lots of traffic that is SMO(Social Media Optimization) and he other is giving you trafic + back links to your site that is SEO(Search Engine Optimization). So, maintain these two if you skip anyone of these you do not get the satisfaction of ranking of your site.
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    I think SEO is best because it is free and SEM is paid campaign.When you use all techs of SEO and your website have some strong backlinks then you should try SEM campaign.
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    Both are Important aspects for effective results and increasing sales.
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    seo is a best for earn money. its cheap and best process to earn money...........
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    In My Views The Search Engine Optimization Is Best Way To Promote Business As Compare To SEM.

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    SEM is one paid performance, it is using to improving the traffic for websites, But SEO is using to getting organic keyword ranking, traffic too.
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  • If I were to choose one, I prefer SEO. Just like what others said here, SEO is easy to learn and most of its tools and techniques are free. However, SEM is also effective but I must say pricey. But if you have the budget, it's best to also try SEM and experiment if this works for you.
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