How do you estimate Adsense earnings?

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how do you find out what you will earn in adsense?

for example - say im researching a keyword that has 7000 monthly global searches and a CPC of $1.74

I know there is a formula to find out how much you will earn - or atleast estimate how much you can earn if you target that keyword right?

anyone know the answer?

much appreciated,

Mitchell Assin
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    learn 2 math

    7000 searches with a 1# rank might pull in 30% of the searches so 2100 uniques a month. Longtail excluded.

    Figure your average click through rate, say 2%, so 2100x.02= 42 clicks a month at $1.74 = $73.08.

    Don't expect to get that $1.74 though. Google never pays the numbers posted, expect less. Even for $5 keywords I always do the estimates with $1. Better to shoot low and surprise yourself than rank a site that doesn't make shit.
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    ok well I did some research and this is the most up to date info on what percentages of traffic each spot on the first page gets:


    which totals 100%

    I also heard that google pays out .68% per click to adsense publishers = this info came directly from their official blog

    so what you said does add up and adds to my new formula

    I figured out what you would get for your Adsense earnings demonstration which would be:


    the cpc is $1.74 which you would only be paid .68% of

    which is = $1.1832

    so you would then simply:

    take your 42 CTR x 1.1832 = $49.69 new estimated adsense earnings per month

    so my new formula is:

    MTR (Monthly Traffic Volume) x AVG CTR (Average Click Through Rate .02%) = C (Clicks)

    CPC x .68 = AE (Actual Earnings) = NE (New Earnings)

    C x AE = NE which would be $49.69

    for your Demonstration ....

    how would we go about with the new data above?

    which is the percentages from rank 1 to 10?

    I think those would be more accurate then the basic version right?

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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