Which is better for a all text site, text ads or image ads?

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I plan to use adsense, I have very few photos on the site (one long blog page site).
What should I use, text ads or image ads?
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    Test both, the only why you will ever know.

    Text almost always wins for me, but a lot of has to do with how I setup my sites.

    Also your niche is a huge factor!
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    Text ads is always win for me also. Because Image Ads have some limitation to post. But you try both because you never know Which Ads is more beneficial to you.
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    You can search on goolge too. Text ads got more value than Image ads

    Text ads have high CPC rate
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    You can try your hand on text hands but it should be attractive enough,and for that some images are the best way to express.And use only that images which really relates to your site.
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    Well, I will also say that try both of them.

    Here what I have analyzed about the Text Ads:

    1. Can have more than one ad on ad units
    2. Higher chances of getting clicked on at least one link
    3. Can have relevant ads
    4. Can hide and mixing it with the text and colors
    5. Probability of Maximum CTR

    About Image Ads:

    1. Can have more attractive and catchy ad per unit
    2. With more clickable area chances of getting clicked are higher.
    3. Lesser chance of relevant ads
    4. Can’t have custom color ads.

    Here is what Google has to say:

    While we can’t make any guarantees about the earnings potential of image or text ads, we believe that image ads will prove to be a high-performing option for publishers looking to monetize their pages. In fact, we show image ads when they have a higher value to you than the corresponding set of text ads that might otherwise run in the same slot.
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    Good answers, thanks everyone!
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    Setup a split test and make your decision based on actual data instead of opinion.
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    Test, test and test. It all depends on the niche.
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