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Hello, today I have notice a very weird issue of my blog: iJDMTOY Car Blog For Automotive LED Lights

All the posts done before 2012 are fully searchable on Google for example the following two post titles:
2007 Honda Civic SI Upgraded with LED Daytime Running Lights
Impressive 2010 Subaru WRX with Nice 9005 LED Bulbs

However, all the post done in 2012 are not searchable on Google, for example
Sun Visor LED Vanity Mirror Lights Installed on Lexus IS300
Dazzle Jeep Grand Cherokee with Blue LED Interior Lights

Back in July when I last checked my blog, there was no such an issue like this and it appears it happened all of a sudden.

My individual post used to be on the first page of google search result but now google only show pages, categories & tags instead my individual post.

Can anyone give a clue how would this happen???thanks a million
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