Does location of servers affect your SE rankings?

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Hey friends, I searched on this topic everywhere on the internet
and got the mixed reviews. So just want to know whether location
of servers and my domain registrar co. can affect SE rankings
in my country?

For example, if I live in UK and buy domain from a company in US
and also host it with hostgator (in US). So? Can it affect my SE rankings in UK?
OR I should buy domain and hosting from UK only?

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    I think it depends on server speed based on your location. So if the main server in US than definitely the speed of the site is accurate and google will not penalize for the speed... as i know..
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    I just found on the Google webmasters support that it doesn't matter
    where your servers are located. (It used to matter in the past, but now not)
    Because Google has realised that people may use a foreign hosting co.
    due to the cost factors. So, Google now geotarget your website with your TLD or your
    subdomain or your sub folders.

    You can also tell Google which country your website is optimized to.

    Here's the link in case you want to know more:
    Geotargeting - Webmaster Tools Help

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    As per my opinion SE's country wise server may show different result in SE. For example if i have a website with domain and i search it from India or from Australia in Google than their is a chance that the ranking on that particular keyword may be different than getting result from UK.
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    I think yes, in simple word you can see different ranking for same keyword in US, UK, India, Australia etc. So Google or any search engine gives more priority to web server location for ranking.
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      There is a lot of confusion on this topic. No one seems to have a definite answer.
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      It surely affects search engine ranking because different location search engine have different raking for particular keywords due to it's server location.

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    if it is a uk site, ie for uk people, you should build links from uk sites.
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    Your server's location has 0 impact on your SE ranking . But you must make sure your site is not slow
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