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by sany00
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Hey i am not too much experienced in SEO filed. Still learning and gathering knowledge from everywhere. Anyway post penguin update its become very difficult to get result quickly. But after learning many ways i applied some things and get result quickly. Within 3 weeks i got 1st page SERP under two keyword which has medium competition. Sorry i cant share the keyword and site name. Anyway here are the details what i follow:-

1. Post 2 Unique article on a weeks on the site targeting the keyword. Article written by expert writers and i use main keyword. lsi keyword and junk keyword on the article.

2. Sharing all post to the all social media like facebook, twitter, Google plus(most important) etc.

3. Create social bookmarking back link. Build 15 link per day and pinged all.

4. Do some article directories and all are approves after 1st week.

5. Create some Web 2.0 properties.

I got result after 3 weeks. Please dont insult me. Because i am newbie. I just share my experience here. If you find any wrong please make it correct and show me the right path. Thanks a lot all of you and hoping to hear back from others.
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    Anyone whom insults you for your post is an idiot. Everyone was new at one point, don't care what they claim.

    But if that method is working for you, then keep doing it. You are seeing results which is the good part. Lots of other methods come with mroe harm than good, but your method is working well enough that you are comfortable with it, so leave it alone and keep doing it that way, but work on monetizing your site to pull the most traffic and most attention.

    If you are selling a product or opportunity, you need to be capturing emails and making sure that you build a list in which you can always re-contact those people.
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    I wouldn't change a single thing. You are doing SE friendly methods of ranking which will keep you from suffering the ill effects that others have seen. I say if the results are good then scale them up and monetize you traffic and make some money.
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    Originally Posted by sany00 View Post

    2. Sharing all post to the all social media like facebook, twitter, Google plus(most important) etc.
    Good solid strategy however if you want to syndicate content automatically from wp-blog to google plus just check out my signature.
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    Good basic strategy for low competition rankings

    I wouldn't ping everything though. Just let google find it naturally
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      thank you. I will have a try.
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    Thanks a lot to all of you for supporting me. Yes i will maintain this methods from now because i got the result for it. But it may differs if i go for a good competitive keyword. Anyway thanks a lot.....
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    No dude we are not insulting here
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    Thanks for sharing your methods
    Amazon Websites For Sell PM me!

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    Most people fail in doing what you do. Its the best way hands down.

    Just avoid getting sick of it, and your good :]
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    That's a great start. You're on the right track. Congratulations!

    Never Give Up!

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    Thanks a lot for appreciating me. For medium and low competitive keyword i think its a easy way to get ranked. I am focusing on content and social share. And more on bookmarks. One guy told me that continue bookmark for your keyword in a natural way and it will response surely. When you get response than start some more powerful back link like article directories, web 2.0 etc.....i followed it and got it.....thanks anyway to all of you
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      Originally Posted by IMSince2003 View Post

      Content is KING, SEO is QUEEN (post panda/penguin at least)
      For me Content is king and My visitor is queen. And i do SEO for satisfying my queen via the king........:
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    Hey Sany00 - thanks a lot for sharing. Been though the thread and noone is insulting you [which no one should of course]. Goes to prove the still great standards of WF.
    Congrats with your excellent achievement. Wish I could say the same but will definitely take your kind share right into the mix.

    2 comments if I may - don't understand that you are pushing two posts for the same keyword. You compete against yourself then [at least]. Why not have a bit of variance even if it's just a plural [s].

    Social bookmarking - are you doing this manually? Just wanted to share that I have experienced fantastic results with openwire and IMtalk.org. Not free but the few $$$ you need to spend are very well spent.

    Keep working (haha) and continued success to you!

    Life is too short to be anything but happy

    Get the career you really want with help from Guukle.com
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    No reason to insult you! This is good solid backlinking advice.
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