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Hey Warriors,

I've been posting here recently trying to resolve some problems here and there. At one point my site wasn't actually getting indexed due to an SSL cert and addon domains causing tons of duplicate content.

Well, I went ahead and fixed that and noticed tremendous results.

Here's some key points about what I think is important about it all:

My new posts now get indexed in Google within 5minutes of post being live, and it's usually first or second page depending on competition of other sites posting similar content (big giants like TMZ etc).

Constantly 100 people online at any time. Last month I had 20k Unique Visitors. This month alone I've had 5K uniques (in just 2days).

Images are ranking consistently well and posts rank "OK" after a few days on high trending topics. Just search for "Prince Harry Small" and my video is right there around 5th.

Technorati authority increasing daily. I've took it from 300 authority to 199 in just three days and everyday it's going down lower. I'm positive I can get it to top 10 since I know how to exploit their ranking system.

Alexa rank dropping rather quickly every single day. Right now it's 1.8million or so, but only a few weeks ago it was 5million-ish.

I'm noticing tremendous improvements on the site and I honestly feel like it will pay off soon. I'm writing 10-15 blog posts daily and it's an AWFUL lot of effort, but at least I'm getting 1-3k visitors daily which makes it all worth it.

As for adsense $$, well it's low. The site isn't made for clicks. Their well out of the way of the content and there's no real reason for people to click. Once I fall below 750K alexa rank I'll be going with a high-paying impressions network or looking to talk to private businesses depending on the traffic.

Would like to say thanks to everybody who's helped me previously
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