Backlinking to YT videos question: Why does it make links to and not my vid url?

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Hi all, I have a question.

I use an automated backlink website to put backlinks on my yt videos. Now I use a site called - free backlink creator submits 2,500 backlinks

When I check the backlinks it makes for a youtube video it gives me a link created but only for YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. and not my video URL. Why is this and is there a way to make backlinks to YT video url directly?

Does this do any good since it seems to be only making backlinks for YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. and not my actual video? Am I wasting my time?

Whats an effective way to backlink YT videos for free?
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    Anyone know?
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    You might need to clarify that with your backlink provider that you are using.

    If they are just sending links to YouTube, that will in no way benefit your YouTube videos. They need to link directly to them. Maybe you are giving them the wrong links to backlink or maybe they are giving you a bad report.
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    Because you're using a "backlink generator" that doesn't support deep links. Go and find one that supports deep links. BUT, they aren't real "backlinks" anyway, they just help with the indexing.
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    If the links are not going to your videos, then I would say that it's not doing you any good.
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