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Hello everyone,

Recently I started a website aimed solely for the Australian market and I would like to advertise it, with the objective of getting users, so I thought about email marketing, since I did it in the past and it worked, but with english speaking countries there is always the problem of not getting the traffic we wished/paid for (happened to an USA aimed traffic, most registrations were users using a proxy with USA IP), so I would like to ask if you know of any good email marketing services for the Australian market.

/offtopic: I hope this is the right topic for this, and that it's an alright question to ask, if not, my apologies.
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    I got in contact with 2 services last week but have yet to receive a reply from any of them.
    Anyone have any recommendations?
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      Any experience in here with email88 AU?

      They seem big, but appearances sometimes can be deceiving.
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    why not just use geo targeting in adwords if you want to market the site ?
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      I find adwords to be expensive and not bringing much results, a good way to burn money, as for what I intend. Email marketing comes to be the better option, problem is to find a good company in Australia, or rather, one that picks up the phone or answers the emails
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    I don't know about Australian company. Some days ago I worked with a company but I didn't get good service.
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      well still no luck with Australian, people seem reluctant to answer your contact requests or any other form of business opportunities there, but I'm not giving up, and instead I'm expanding.

      So I'm requesting help on finding good PTC sites for the following countries: Finland, Canada and Australia.

      Thanks to everyone who answered so far
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  • In Poland, such a marketing is hard to implement. Our GIODO (General Inspector for Personal Data Protection) keeps it clear - no spamming, unless you issue an official consent for e-mail delivery.
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    As far as I know, if a user signs up to such a "make money online reading emails" he/she knows they'll get spam, so I don't think in such cases there a need for a consent.
    we actually have a website in Poland, and it was fairly easy to gather users.
    So far Australia proves to be a tough nut to crack.
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