Any good wso's for adwords?

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Hi, does anyone know of any wso's for adwords?
Many thanks
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    There is a good one based on MSN Adcenter , it's called Easy TV Money . It has videos covering selecting a niche, keywords and tracking etc so the principles are much the same as Adwords although it's obviously cheaper to get bids on Adcenter and the traffic is less.
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    AdWords is pretty much dead for affiliate marketing. You have to sell your own (non-IM) products or services or it is a no go.

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    Hi, does anyone know of any wso's for adwords?
    Many thanks
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    That couldnt be further from the truth. Many high end affiliates are making solid earnings from PPC.
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    The best thing you can do is read their terms and follow their rules. There really is no magic course for learning PPC other than to test it for yourself. There are the basics but in the end you'll have to the testing yourself.
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    Don't know of any good one which launched recently. But if you just want to launch your adwords campaign, check my signature.
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