Weird Amount of Traffic From China, US, Twitter, Facebook???

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Hi guys,

So I log in to Google Analytics 3 days ago and see that I have had like 6,000 unique visits from China - weird...

I look in to it more and they are practically all direct visits to an article page, this one ->

The traffic I received has rated my page, liked it, tweeted it, and rated the article it's self....

OK so it's bot traffic that can engage with the page.

So then, I look at where the traffic comes from, and it comes from over 300 different cities in China, and follows the sort of trend you would assume, being most traffic coming from the largest cities Biejing, Shanghai and filtering down.

I then look at OS systems, different OS systems, different browsers, bounce rates vary - so it looks like legit traffic.

Then I think OK, maybe it was for some RANDOM reason published somewhere...

And I had a flurry of traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and a couple of the less known social media platforms but nothing Chinese.

I then look at other country traffic and I had a slight surge in US traffic and Taiwanese traffic...

Anyone have any idea what's happening here, and how I can stop it???

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    No idea. If they aren't affecting your adsense account (by clicking) then I wouldn't be bothered. Refresh your adsense account every 30minutes and make sure they aren't trying to **** you up that way.
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    Watch out!! The biggest click fraud ring ever came from China. Do some googling and you'll see what I'm talking about. I block china (and a handful of other shady countries) from seeing my adwords ads. I was paying for hundreds of clicks from them, all with 90%+ bounce rates. so I knew SOMETHING was up.

    but if you're not paying for clicks, then i guess this doesnt affect you. just keep in mind those visitors are likely not interested in your content at all.
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    Take a look in your log file and get some IP and make a search by there...
    Second this will can also happen if you have order or made some mass backlinks building.
    And if you blast many non auto approve blogs then the op's are taking a look over your website... any way this have low probability do to the numbers.

    Those situation can make you think about a reverse proxy in front of your hosting server.
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