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Hi, new to SEO and link building, I have a question.

The company I work for has a mid-size site with about 500 pages, and some of those pages are .jpg links. What is the value of any links to them that I might post on social bookmark sites like Digg or Reddit, and is there any way to track (aside from manually checking) how the main domain value changes. If i were to post a link to that image on Reddit/Digg, how would that affect the rank of the whole domain?

Is it even worth it to link to an image, even to a large site like Reddit, to try and raise google's ranking of the main domain?
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    I don't really know too much about images, but I think Google images works in the same way as searching. If you build backlinks to your images, they will rank high for images.

    And btw, images can bring in TONS of traffic if their popular image search terms ^
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    • If you share new images on a regular basis and optimize them for search engines by using the ALT attribute and creating appropriate anchor text, you will get steady traffic. Some of your best images might be shared by other users, which will increase the number of links pointing to your site.
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    The only way to track it is to honestly monitor the rankings. Pagerank is another metric that google uses, but is mostly useless.

    Trying to spread images from your site can be effective if it is some form of marketing image, but is mostly negligible otherwise, I have found.

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