what is the best FREE spinning software that makes spun articles accepted by Ezinarticles?

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what is the best FREE spinning software that makes spun articles accepted by Ezinarticles?
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      Originally Posted by UMS View Post

      The grey matter between your ears.
      I was going to say that too but it dawned on me all have a different level of skill with writing however the only way to get the skill is by writing more and more. So perhaps you are correct in both points.

      This is what I do.
      1. Write the initial article that is going on my site.
      2. Create bullet points based on that article and hang it to the side of the monitor.
      3. Start cranking out articles based on the bullet points. Takes about 15 minutes per article for me but that's with practice and such things like my wife pestering me.

      I do this because I found for me to write the article in spintax format can take me an entire day to do it right but I generally only need like 10 or so articles. As you can see it saves me time just writing them by hand.

      I do feel the need to state this, there seems to be a trend in most of your questions looking for the easy route. I have found the easy route generally causes you to be one of those people crying at each google update. Just suck it up and do the work, that's where the rewards are
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    Your hand. Its generally soft and you can "ware" all kinds of things on it while you type a sensible article. Came free at birth too.

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    There is no spinning software that will "make" the spun article get accepted by EZA. In order to get accepted to EZA, you will always have to manually spin the text, whether it's with the help of a software or not. The thing that will determine whether or not your article gets accepted is whether is sounds like it was written by a human or not. Spinning software can't help you with that.

    A moth walks into a podiatrist's office...

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    The only bad part about spun articles, even if they get through EZA, or any blog or directory for that matter, is that they always sound just a little OFF...and never end up converting.

    Your best bet, is to write with the goal of converting your readers and giving them value with each and every article/post/email.

    Ultimately, its the only way.
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      I agree with most posts here so far. Write your own.
      With that being said, if you need more than just a few, spinning seems to be the 'easy' way to get it done. I've stumbled upon a web site called spin profit dot com. (I don't have enough posts to add links), but it is very quirky.

      Good luck.

      Derrel has free blog sites http://bestofweb.us
      Magician in Dallas TX

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