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I am posting my problem here cause i know that this is the only place where i will get good answers.

My main keyword is خلطات (an arabic keyword for arabic website) it has a 5 400 exact monthly visits, when i tape it on google, my site is on the first place the TOP, but the problem is I'm not getting any visits for this keyword !!! i've tried it also in adwords keywords tool and i get the same thing !! i'm very confused and i dont know what to do. You can check by yourself here my website is موقع خلطات

Does any one know the truth about adwords keyword tool accuracy? Can someone explain this please ??
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    Unfortunately I don't read Arabic, so I won't be able to check any further, but if you’re sure you're getting on the 1st page for this keyword (you're not connected to your Google account when checking this, are you? If you are, then Google serves you customized results!), then it probably means your catchphrase is not good. In your meta description (which Google will pick up and use in the search results if it's neither too long nor too short, max 140 characters), you need to give people a good reason to visit your website. If you don't, they'll simply look at the next one.

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    As a rule of thumb, try using a webproxy to check the results.
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