Anyone have experience with AdMedia?

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They are offering CPM rates that rival Adsense and Tribal Fusion, but Ive found some reviews that make me nervous.

Anyone here have anything good/bad to say about them?
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    Aren't they the ones who spam webmasters emails to recruit? If they are then no I never deal with spammers, but I play with them, asking them a financial incentive upfront, and when they reply, I reply, etc. then I publish the whole thing.. Free content for my site!
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    A found a couple complaints about employment, but I don't care about that. I just want to know if they pay and are reputable for publishers.
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    I am concerned because they are asking me to fill out tax forms that require my SS#, no other ad network has asked me for that.
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  • AdMedia asks for tax forms, so we have the data to do our own taxes and get the payment to our publishers in a timely manner. Please fill out the tax form correctly. That information is confidential and goes straight to the Accounting Department so we can get you the correct payment.

    If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us to discuss our procedures and payment methods. (
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    I have just begun using admedia. So far here's some things I have noticed. It is easy to contact my support specialist, she is friendly, prompt and helpful. The ads are nice enough and bold enough to stand out, unlike some other ppc affiliate programs. It takes a few days or weeks to get relevant ads on my site. You have to sign up thru your support specialist for the different ad formats, but its not hard to do that. I am not sure of much else with admedia yet. But will post here when I learn more and would appreciate any additional info anyone else has on this company.
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    Very bad experience.. I had 1600+ for november and today I checked (just a few days before I suppose to get paid) they shaved it to 180 only!

    Managers not bothered to reply as well. Admedia is dead.
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