Article Directories: How much duplication b4 Google penalizes?

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Is it the duplicate content or duplicate anchor link that google penalizes in article directories?
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    The answer is both, but in different ways. I had been working with a large SEM company for a few months and their experts were keeping any kind of duplicate content under 5%, so they wouldn't get penalized.
    Duplicate anchor links, if I understand your question correctly, will be harmful for your website if it is done too much after Penguin. You should keep links with the same anchor for a website under 60% of the total number of links, or Penguin will hit you hard.
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    Keep things unnatural. If you had 1 link from 10,000 different sites, what are the chances that all 10,000 sites would use the same anchor text?

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    Google penalizes both.If you are over-optimizing your anchor text then also you will get punishment from Google.
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    Use diversified anchor text as mentioned.
    But think about major companies who release PR, they don't get slapped, even though it's "duplicated" content, meaning it could be ok.
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