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I'm really new to the online marketing game, so please excuse my next newbie question. It would be a great help if someone would give me a top 10 list of things that I can do right now to drive traffic to my website?

There seems to be so much information on this site that I am finding it hard to put all this information to good use... What would be a good mix of strategies that the newbie could use? For example back linking, social media etc

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me.
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    1. first you can start browse seo guide from seo moz

    2. How about create a trusted website? Click here

    3. Learn about wordpress and hosting.
    4. Do onpage optimization for wp:
    • Using a theme that has been equipped with breadcrumbs for easy navigation.
    • Inserting Internal Links in each article.
    • Inserting Al Tag in the picture
    • Install the plugin:

    Install Plugin
    • All in One SEO Pack
    • Google XML Sitemaps
    • W3 Total Cache
    • WordPress Gzip Compression
    • WP Minify
    • Creating an interesting title
    • Writing articles is 100% Genuine

    5. SEO Off Page:
    • Facebook Promotion
    • Twitter Promotion
    • Signature Forum
    • Add some articles / blog backlinks at high quality site. (don't ues private network)
    • Install YM or skype
    • Communicate with visitors

    ===================== Here are the steps how to implement it ==================

    1. Find "Hungry Market" which requires solving a problem
    2. Find out what problems to be solved on "Market" is.
    3. Create a simple website that could encourage people to sign up (Sign Up) and want to receive further information from you.
    • Use email marketing as AWeber, MailChimp. Or use the wp plugin which is cheaper than email marketing.
    • List building is the most important thing that should be done simultaneously with the creation of a website.
    • All the serious Internet Marketer prioritize list building as a powerful method of keeping in touch with their audience.
    4. Promote your squeeze page
    • Use Social Media. With Advance Search from the twitter, you will find them. By subscribing to some facebook niche groups , you will get free promotion for your website or squeeze page.
    • Register on the forums that have similar interests to your niche. Share with genuine information that you have, while promoting your website. Use the signature facility for quality backlinks.

    5. Build "relationship with your subscribers.
    Email Marketing is a powerful. It's means to establish a relationship, use these tools to maintain personal relationships with them.

    6. Find the right product to promote your list.
    Everyone loves freebies. Find/create a great product such as PLR / MRR or video and you can share it for free to subscribers in your niche.

    7. Create "Product launch Series"
    Broke your best selling products into several series, let your customers curious, and wait for the next product launch.

    8. Repeat step 7.
    In step 7, this is the position where you will determine how much income online that you want.

    Next you just take care of your blog so that it can generate income in the long term. This can be done by:
    • Build your personality and trustworthy
    • Keep the relationship with the subscriber
    • Trying to be the best in your Niche
    • Always open and reply to incoming email
    • Only promote quality products

    It's better you have a few information and take action rather than you have many information but doing nothing.

    Click thanks if you like it.
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      KaitoKid: What an amazing reply to my post - thank you very much. There is so much online and so many opinions that it can be hard to know what to take on-board and what not to... Your steps have been a great starting point for me - thanks again. You're awesome!
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    Awesome post kaitokid!
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  • Cedricjbc,

    Start by targeting keywords that are relevant to what he is selling.

    You will want to include these keywords in the content on your website as well as the architecture of the website (meta tags, alt tags, and titles). Choose keywords that are important to the product or service you are marketing and build a page around each one. There are certain characteristics as to how you do this such as keyword density in website copy and the number of relevant keywords you should include in meta tags.

    The tasks mentioned above are known as internal or onsite SEO and are related to website architecture that you have direct control over. Another aspect is offsite SEO which can include creation of external web properties that contain target keywords (sites like wikis, free business listings, Google Places, Bing business listings etc.), article marketing and syndication, creation and optimization of video, document sharing, link building and a number of other tactics.

    It would also be wise to follow industry leaders in SEO to help guide you to good information on the subject. Keep up to date on industry news by reading the blogs and following the social media accounts of industry leaders. SEOMoz is a good one along with @randfish – Rand Fishkin the organization’s founder. Another good resource is and you could follow @DannySullivan – Danny Sullivan, the website’s Editor. Matt Cutts -- @mattcutts who is head of the webspam team at Google is another great resource.

    Use social media to promote the site as well. Open accounts on twitter, Google Plus, and any others that may be relevant. Share content on a weekly basis. A blog is another great opportunity to drive traffic to the site.

    Check out these links for learning more about SEO,

    Hope this helps you,

    Outsource to the experts...

    We customize your Blog, eBook, Press Release and Sale Copy content with your message.

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      The Content Authority: Adding that to Kaitokids reply is a great help to me. Thank you so much for the info - much appreciated. I'm already putting these into play to see what happens with my existing and client sites.
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      Terry Kyle: Thanks for your question; my niche is in Health and Wellness. Specifically, I have been charged with managing the content and online marketing for a clients site and although I have relative proficiency in the social media side of the equation, I need to find ways to drive more targeted traffic to their website. I am also using what I learn in this endeavor to sell my own e-book when it is complete. Any help would be appreciated.
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      By the way, two of the WP themes that I've been recommended to create a good site to sell an e-book/product from are or

      Does anyone have any experience using either of these WP themes? If not are there any others that anyone else could recommend?
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    nice post it's helpful for me
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    thanks kaitokid . nice information
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    Thank you very Much!

    I'm also starting and this is very usefull for me
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    If you are looking for traffic then you can go with social media optimization and local website directories, you can get ample amount of traffic by using these techniques. According to me google+ and Facebook plays a vital role in ranking and you can get traffic from organic listing as well. Try to get as many followers/like as you can on Facebook and google so you can spread your message to a wider audience. You can post some offers which are specially built for your online users. If you are targeting local services then a business listing on Google and Yelp can help a much in generating traffic hence leads.
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    Thanks. All very helpful for what I am doing right, not doing and what I can do better. What is the best forum here for link building (white hat)?
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    You only need one.

    Traffic (non aff)

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    By the way how do I say thanks other than through a post??
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