How are you tracking your keyword rank in google?

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What are you using to track your keyword ranks in google? Like how do you see what place you are for different keywords? Other than going through the whole list and finding out. I heard of people being able to tell they were the 585th spot in google and I just wonder how do I keep track of that?
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    check out . Easy to use and pretty accurate. It also gives you your Best and Previous position.
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    There are several programs and web based services that offer this. Most are paid - such as Serp Buddy and SE Scout, but some are free such as Rankerizer.
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    will these tell you which keywords you're ranking for?
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      Originally Posted by fskcramer View Post

      will these tell you which keywords you're ranking for?
      Use google's webmaster tools to see what keyword you are ranking for, then use a SERP checker like the one in my signature to check, track, and graph the SERP position for those keywords. You can also add keywords you aren't currently ranking for in google's webmaster tools, so when you do SEO to improve your SERP position you can track it coming from as low as 300 to #1.

      Check top 300 Google SERP results free. tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    Most of the time i track it manually using ingognito mode at google chrome
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    I use Positionly. They are actually pretty cheap.
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    I just do private browsing and check on my own. I certainly don't dig that far back though
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    I've said it once and I'll say it again... You can't go wrong with Microsite Masters when it comes to rank tracking. Microsite Masters Rank Tracker - Accurate SEO Keyword Tracking
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    I am using Cute Rank to check my keyword ranking it is easy to use and the results are approximately exact.Just 1-2 up downs are there sometimes.
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    Ranks Check

    Made by the same guys who made serpiq it's an amazing free tool

    I'll promote it until death this website is simply the best
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    which keyword you are using ?
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    I use SerpFox, love them.
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    This is my setup to check Rankings and get PDF Reports.

    1. Use CuteRank Pro tool on a VPS
    2. Use HMA VPN to Rotate IP to avoid Google Restrictions

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    I've been using paid trackers for years , I've been for a long time with serpbook , like their features etc, homever I came across this guys on TP forum , Ranks Check , their service is free and after many testing (I'm tracking same kw's on paid and free tracker) results are pretty much the same. So all in all this one is the most accurate one I ever found online. They support many country specific searches too. I'm still going with paid as some features are a must for my needs but their site is a super add on for long tails and bigger sites.

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    There are a number of tracking tools. As far as a free one goes I find Rank checker Ace good. It was promoted on WF a while ago and I've been using it for a while.

    Realize that you don't actually track your website's position, just a page of your website for a particular search term. Factors that come into play are Geo-location and personalized searches for anyone that's logged into their Google account at the time of the search.

    Google Analytic is a very useful tool and you should make use of it to analyze your traffic - where visitors come from, how long they stay, do they visit more than one page, what keywords they used, mobile or desktop, etc.
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    I use Powersuite's Rank Tracker. It goes as far as 1000th position and has some really useful settings (language and location, for example).
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  • I'm using SerpFox... It's amazing.. You should try it~~
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