Quick Case Study: Bounce Rate + Time On Site + Pages Viewed = Massive Rise In SERPs. v. Adsense

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Have one mini case study going on here..

Profile: Mini "trial" site has 200 backlinks that have been steady for a long time now. I haven't really touch this site in a long time, so the rankings haven't changed much, nor has the backlink count, etc.

Site gets around 100 visits/day from advertising traffic. 65% Bounce rate, 3 min time on site, 2 pages viewed. Not so great, again it's just a test site so there's literally zero work put into it.

Now this week I wanted to test those 3 factors and their effect on the SERPs. I don't use GA only Adsense on the site, so that's the only way Google has any idea of what visitors are doing on my site since it's not coming from searches.

For my advertising campaign: Did 160 visits/day, 19% bounce rate, 6 min time on site, 6.2 pages viewed. (Visitors for my study group were instructed to browse the site deeply).

The Results from those 3 factors having changes:

My Point: I know this has been talked about before, but I want to remind you all! Make sure your site is rock solid.. This is often the most overlooked thing. That's all. ps. On day 3 now rankings are still holding solid, but I'll be ending this campaign later today.
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