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I read a lot about infographics. And I want to know how it works and is it really effective to get customers?
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    Well anything visual can be a huge aid in getting customers, it can also depend on the medium, the niche and so on but I would definitely recommend using one. I've made them myself and had designers make them for me, saw great results. The most important part: get GOOD data that can be represented visually.
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    Infographs is just a chart showing trend and growth. What benefit can be there for SEO on this? It will be just a image file right?
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      Not just for charts, i think they will include graphics explaining how things work to help people understand better, something like this website does Search Engine Optimization | Professional Site Design

      why not optimize the image file for image networks and google images?
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    There are sites where you can share/upload your info graphic to get a back link, but well there are so many sites where you can upload something to get a link so it's all about the site it self where you're gonna host it.
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  • Visuals talk better than words!! Remember that friends.. That's why you should consider using infographics!!
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    All above responses are true and effective, but there is yet another reason why infographic is effective compared to plain content.

    Infographic makes viewers read the graphics.
    Moreover, if you have a best infographic on your website or blog, people wouldn't mind sharing it on their blogs. So, your information gets bitten.
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    • Infographics are an excellent way to get traffic and backlinks. Internet users are more likely to stop on your page if there are some interesting images rather than text. Many people share infographics on social networks, blogs, and websites, which helps increase your visibility on the Web.
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    Thanks all for providing information about infographics. I was looking for it. This thread made my work easy
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    Info graphic submission helps your website get the attention of visitors, traffic and quality back links.

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