The latest Googlee: EMD's (i.e. small "sellers" are the target ala eBay, Amazon, et. al.)

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Long time lurker/first post: much appreciation for that which I've gleaned from my short (< two month period as the aforementioned).

"General" thoughts:

- Googlee is a business - "most" of the internet views worldwide apprehend it to be some sort of democratic enterprise, fostering ""general" communication and interaction (yeah, we've all/heard about the spring in arabia...);

- eBayy is no longer a site for auctions, but a retail market;

- We all know the changes that Amazonn has instituted over the years for their affiliates;

"Particular" thoughts:

- this simply condenses the behemoths of the internet, marginalizing the smaller entities;

- got "NAILED" on my rankings - all authoritative sites - with the latest googlee algorithm;

This improved when I:

- started blocking googlee/adsense using an edited hosts file in windoz;

Rankings started rising in the last 36 hours on googlee (still VERY sub-optimal);

Wonder if it's only my computer/internet connection-ISP, or is the utilization of a different hosts file?

Boycott Googlee... use Bingg... A99... Firefoxx and DNT+... update the windoz hosts file... whatever needed.

Substantive/experienced Warrior responses/comments, naturally, most appreciated!
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