Got blasted off of Google in EMD update - What now?

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Ok a few months back due to health issues and finances my hosting went down on my site. I had to rebuild from scratch. Now I was on the first page of Google not just because of EMD, but I covered most of the bases, Title, description, heading tags, etc.

Now after the update. I did expect to lose position, but it seems my site isn't listed under Link Partners at all now. I can't find it anywhere.

I think maybe hyphenated domains also got hit with more aggression or they just more or less deindexed my site under that keyword.

I'm not sure how exactly this update works, but if someone can reverse engineer it and lay it out I might understand it a bit.

I been doing a lot of searching on relatively used keywords in the market. Alot of major players are falling off the front page who have quality links. I noticed sites such as forbes who has tons of indexed pages making there way on several major IM based keywords. As Google Cache updates sites more and more you will note that everything is coming down like an avalanch.
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    Ummmm....if the keyword is Samsung Galaxy S3 Review then the domain should be Bah! Give it a week or so...and let the dust settle to come to a conclusion.

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    lol its funny that mattcutts EMD didnt get hit

    Ive got sites with 40 pages of content and they got hit real hard, i wouldnt mind if it was just the Keyword associated got bumped down a few notches, but it got slaughtered completely from number one to page 15 for ALL its keywords.

    i hope its a dance.
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    Register a domain without keywords and continue on with your life.
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