My Adsense earnings dropped from last month

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Because for the last month I was earning $250 per month and having good traffic (1200 page view a day) . Suddenly traffic come down to 150 page view a day and earnings bcome $20 per month.

Anybody facing the same problem ? Else any one know the solution for this problem ?
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    Might want to check and see if you dropped in any of your keywords
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    I assume you already aware of the recent EMD update from google search algorithm. If you are religiously monitoring your top keywords you just need to check if that keywords are still in its ranking. If its gone then that will answer your question.
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    Google changed algorithms recently. You need to know new algorithms to get your site back. Not only your site many sites disappeared from the first page.
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    The solution is to stop relying on SE rankings as your main traffic source. The writing has been on the wall for some time. Those that havent been penalized will call BS, but just wait, you'll get your turn too one day.

    Ive seen too many high quality sites penalised, it's a shame.

    If you're willing to take the risks there is of course money still to be made...but you'll probably need to start again.

    Just my take on things, I could be wrong of course..
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