So - how do you build a good number of "quality links"?

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After Padna/Penguin, I hear a lot about quality over quantity for back links. They say that low quality links could harm you now etc.

Many pieces of advice here say good quality blog posts, good quality articles, relevant blog commenting etc. etc. But my problems with that are

1: It takes time to write a good quality article or articles, or read a blog article and write a relevant comment. (And with your blog comments you don't even know if they will be approved.)

2: Good quality sites, blogs etc. where we can post articles are limited, especially if you want them in a relevant niche.

3: There may be many good quality, and relevant sites/blogs where you can write articles, blog posts, or comments, but it takes times to find them

So, it is very time consuming and I could probably make only a few good links per day at best. But at the same time, you can't get #1 by only 100 or so quality links (unless they are REALLY high quality). So it seems you need more backlinks. For example, for answers/replies to a question on this site asking how many links you should build a day, I read many people here say don't make links too many per day, 10-20 should be fine. You may disagree with this of course, but my point is that it seems even 10-20 links per day is considered little here and it seems a lot of people agree with it. question do you build "high quality" links that many? How do you find sources where you can put 10-20 links/day? How do you write good quality article a lot enough to make 10-20 links/day? To me, making even 5 would be really time consuming and I don't have time especially when what you do is not just SEO in the day.

I just read many posts/replies on this site saying "You just have to build good quality links" but I'm just at a loss for how you do it (I mean, good numbers of them when you have other things to do in the day).

Am I missing something?
Any advice?

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    You might get penalized if you plan to have 10 to 20 links to the same site daily. Remember, Penguin is looking for "unnatural" patterns. And having 10 to 20 links popping up daily might set Google off.
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      That is true...

      It's a fact that Google is starting to get the hang of whats going on.

      How many links you have means nothing. I have seen sights with thousands of backlinks get out ranked by sites that have a few hundreds.

      And after reverse enginerring the backlinks I realized that the site the few hundred backlinks had higher quality backinlinks.

      Check this article out: Omega SEO Guide 2 : Link Perfection

      This is my go to guy that actually does what he teaches when it comes to SEO.

      You will not be disappointed. Trust me!
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        Originally Posted by movemaker View Post

        I have seen sights with thousands of backlinks get out ranked by sites that have a few hundreds.
        How so sure you are that you have the accurate list of back links? Maybe the number of backlink showing in the search engine or other tool is different from google database.

        There are no accurate tools showing the exact number of backlinks of a particular site.
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    I think you can focus on website with high authority (such as .edu and .gov) and high PR and try to get backlinks from them. Authority and PR are the main factors that affect the authority of your website.
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