SEO Judgement Day WEEKEND - The 2nd Coming of Google

by sdlive
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Well folks, first i'd like to say my site is clean.. better content than most typical wordpress farm content people make here. But, it feels like I will just wake up one day and all my traffic and income will all dissapear. And that day I believe is this weekend.

And judgement day is this weekend with starting now (friday) - Sunday night.

Good luck to you all
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    I hope so.. I can always use more traffic
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      Originally Posted by HenrySEO89 View Post

      They should change their update names atleast.
      Their names are actually quite good. Clearly too clever for a lot of experts around here clearly.

      What colours can we find on Pandas and Penguins?

      Exactly Google are making a reference to white/black hat.
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    I have to wonder if there is an update now... I just had a few keywords on page 1 increase a couple of spots and even took a few rank 1 positions.

    Life is good when google updates are your best form of SEO action.
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    I am noticing some more decrease in traffic today. its all gona end..
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      Originally Posted by sdlive View Post

      I am noticing some more decrease in traffic today. its all gona end..
      The answer is just watch the Lion King, it will teach you about the circle of life
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    Ranking is dancing several hours ago. Maybe they are adjusting something
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    Update Armageddon is on its way
    Free Special Report on Mindset - Level Up with Positive Thinking
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    during the small Google algorithm update for getting rid of low quality EMD I lost 2 sites from the ranking they were onto first page to vanished out of top 100 but I give up on these 2 sites 10 month ago reason they were not profitable in the term of affiliate conversion one of site was ranked for term: how to....just checked 2 hours ago one of site is back to page one spot #3 exactly where it was before but second site still nowhere site that is back showing #3 spot for 3 internet browser: internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome but not showing for Internet safari I think it will show on this browser as well,want to point out I have not do any changes to this URL at all i just got back where it was,other sites that I have non of them was effected at all ...guys some of you that lost sites during this EMD update you should give some time your lost ranking probably will come back ..
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