What is involved with getting a Youtube video to show up on Page 1 of Google Search?

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Hey guys,

If I wanted to capitalize upon a specific search term (i.e., "blue silver keyboards,") how do I get a Youtube video to pop up on Page 1 when someone searches for that term? What is required to "link" the 2 together?


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    Also, there is a video on the bottom of page 2, but it has 591K views. The Keyword in question is not the first in the search term, but rather the 4th and 5th words, after a dash.
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    i'm going to release an eBook about doing this Jeremy. I been doing it for years now and people are thirsty for an answer.

    I developed this eBook a while back but didn't want to release it so I wouldn't have competition in short.

    However, i think there's a brewing demand for it and i'm going to put it out. Every step of how to do it.

    It won't happen overnight however, that's the truth but I have the REAL DEAL truth about how its done, services you need, and where to fight the RIGHT servicers because the wrong ones would be a waste of time / money / effort. I learned by T&E.
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    So, need a review copy?

    Seriously, I'd love to learn how this can be done.
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    See what your competitors do. What does the other videos on page 1 of youtube have in their titles, descriptions, etc.

    It follows the same SEO principle, as long as you have an on-page and off-page strategy for your video, it's really not that hard to rank.
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    I am currently messing with some code to display videos on my comparison sites. It could be used anywhere and isn't optrusive to an already sorted page. Dunno what you think of it so far? You can see where I am at the moment with these 2 displays on my test site:

    Product found and videos available. Click them to play.
    Mac Mini - 2.3ghz

    Altered video search. No product found error message displayed:
    Mac Mini - 2.3ghz

    Still have a lot to do yet and I am thinking of maybe a youtube search facility built into it. Colours and text need sorting etc. I am also not sure whether Google will know such videos are on the page or not to help with page ranking?

    My intention is for the video code to search for the product titles on page load but you could put anything you want as a search term to suit your content.

    I will make the code available once it is up to standard if anyone is interested.
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    some information from ebook i read
    if you want to rank your video at google you need backlink
    if you want to rank your video at youtube you need a lot people watch, like or comment
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    So, enough views/likes/comments will make that happen?
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    Anything Google owns will pop up top in the search engines. Youtube videos are ranking very well these days.

    Same as a website to get a Youtube video ranked well build some good backlinks to your video, add good tags, and a good description, and you will stand a great chance of ranking well.

    No magic formula!
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    Hey Jeremy! The key is OPTIMIZATION. Here are a few steps to make sure:

    Use "blue silver keyboards" in the following:

    1) The name of the video files
    2) Name of the YouTube Channel
    3) The description of the YouTube Channel
    4) The title of the video
    5) The description of the video
    6) Be sure to mention it in the content that your are recording and upload the transcript and use captions

    8) Be sure to use it as tags for individual video

    That's a down and dirty checklist. Here are some other suggestions:
    1) Create a video series about the topic and be sure to do all of the items listed about
    2) After you create the video series, be sure to create a playlist with the keyword in the title and description
    3) Find other videos already published about the topic and Create video responses
    4) Distribute your videos to other video players
    5) Create articles and embed the videos inside of them

    Hope this helps!
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