Are all marketing softwares a scam?

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Can i hear some opions on the software different marketing companies sell that "generate money over night with the click of a button". i dont understand how people would buy them if there all scams. but also there has to be something that works right? I bought one before and it was ok. never made me money though. just wondering if anybody out there has a war story. something that worked out for you, or something that was a total waist of time. let me know - thanks
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    I think you already know the answer!

    If not, people like to believe in the dream of getting rich without lifting a finger, that's why they buy those things.
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      I guess it's the same as believing in God. These tools might help if you have faith in them Otherwise... :rolleyes: stay away from it! :p
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        Originally Posted by sarged2 View Post

        I guess it's the same as believing in God. These tools might help if you have faith in them Otherwise... :rolleyes: stay away from it! :p
        Like i said i bought one when ifirst took interest in marketing, like an idiot i did no homework just fell into the crap they want you to. i didnt know how to get my site noticed but the softwaqre itself gave my site some really good content. i ended up getting a full refund for it and the other good thing is i got to keep the software. i dont use it anymore cuase its not needed for the way my site is set up. but it was pretty cool i though

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    I severely doubt any such claims as logically the push button money makers would not need to sell it then..
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    No such thing as push button, money making software. Software are just "tools" to help with individual tasks. The second you stop believing in this and understand that IM takes work like a real business... Only then will you have a chance of moving forward with it.
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  • Like Andy said, there is no 100% automated software that will make you money you can buy. Think about it ... if you actually developed that creature would you sell it to anyone? or would you duplicate your efforts over, and over, and over.

    There are lots of software and services that do help, and even some courses. But no one is going to give you money on a platter :-)
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    That's right there's no such thing as "click this button and generate money over night".

    The SEO tools on the market right now are absolutely invaluable and should be used to automate tasks as much as possible.

    The real "scam" in my opinion is marketers selling the idea that automation tools are "bad/spam/whatever" and that Penguin/Panda killed them. Not true at all .

    Find what you want to do, find the tools to help you do it, then use time, patience, and perseverance to your advantage. There's no "push button make money" solution. Never believe the hype.
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    There's no such thing as "push a button and be rich", so yes, anyone who bases their entire sales pitch on that I'd say is a scam.
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    If you see tools like link building software etc. as push-button money makers, yes they are all scams (oh wait, they really make push-button money... for the owner).

    But if you look at them as automated tools that can take off some of the workload of your shoulders, then no, most are not. Just don't buy into the usual hype used in their sales copies.

    In the end, it's not about what tools you buy, it's about what you do with them.
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