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Dear Warriors,

I have been dependant on SEO mainly. I have been advised by many people to start using Paid Advertising to generate more revenue.

I am seriously thinking to go ahead with it But the problem is that I have never used any sort of Paid Advertising and I know nothing about it. I am sure it will help me a lot to generate more revenues and that is what I want.

I need advice on 2 things;

1. How do I learn paid advertising. Is there any course / tutorials or anything I need to learn from or in other words how you guys have learnt paid advertisement?

I have advised on this forum to follow some gurus, I completely forgot their names.

2. Which platform is the best one; Google Adwords, Face Book Ads or any other? [in your own experience]

I will really appreciate your suggestion as it will help me make a final decision on what should be my next step towards paid advertising.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions, Guidance and Comments.
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    Google adwords is the best option for bring instant less price as compare to facebook ads.....
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      I think you should do directory submission, link exchange, or classifieds, press releases beside of paid submissions.
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      Originally Posted by MariaJames@123 View Post

      Google adwords is the best option for bring instant less price as compare to facebook ads.....

      I never like to argue with a person about their facts, but I could not resist the temptation to ask you a question. Are you experiencing CPC rates at $0.55 or $0.65 or less in the Network Marketing niche or Internet Marketing niche, or Affiliate niche with PPC using Google's platform? If so, please hurry and respond so that I can learn what and how you're doing that! Oh crap, I forgot I've been banned from Google Adwords, forever for the last couple of years.

      Are you aware that if you're a Network Marketer or Affiliate Marketer, your life expectancy is very SHORT on Google?

      I'm currently getting $0.55 per click cost on Facebook, and I'm advertising in the niche of Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and other markets where there is heavy competition. What many marketers don't know is, the tactics that are needed to get the CPC in Facebook down to $0.50 per click. You have to understand how Facebook thinks. I'll give you a little hint; Facebook is very hard nose on approving your Ad, when your Ad is linked to a Capture Page that is outside of Facebook.

      When you advertise inside of Facebook, you'll find that FB is not so hard on approving your Ad. You might be saying, what do you mean by advertising inside of Facebook?

      I'll be glad to set up a Webinar for this particular topic, so that we can share this money making information on Facebook Advertising to many Marketers, Newbies or Advanced.

      John Seay Here, And My Purpose For Being An "Empower Network" Marketer Is To Help Everyday People Earn Never Before 5 & 6 Figure Incomes PER MONTH, and help them to Get Rid Of Their Pains And Frustrations In Attempting To Build An Online Business. Check-Out My Blog At: Where We Provide A Solution For So Many People Failing On the Internet, Trying To Start-Up and operate a business.

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    Consider solo mailings as well. However, it will take some time to find appropriate mailing lists.
    Jacob Sterbenk, JV Manager
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      Originally Posted by Jonathan Faber View Post

      I will be releasing a course that talks about exactly that plus much more.
      I'll be covering 2 very unique traffic generating methods that are capable of driving thousands of visitors every single day. This is not going to be your ordinary adwords, chitica etc.. type of ppc platforms, but something much more interesting and cost efficient.

      I'm in a good mood today, so datingworld -- fell free to pm me to reserve your free evaluation copy. Everyone else, don't feel left out, I'll have several more free copies to distribute. Stay tuned....


      Stay tuned...
      Thanks, interested in it, sending you PM
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    Search for Google Adwords Tutorial you can able to find Google's Adwords tutorial, but you must consult with experienced professionals before starting your campaigns.
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    My advice is to start with small ad buys from multiple sources such as Google and Facebook to see what works for you. Then you can increase your spend once you determine the right keywords and platform.
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    To learn Paid Advertising you should join 7 searches. Its cheap and it will definitely help you to learn the whole thing. the procedure of Adword is also same. so if you can learn it properly then you can apply it to adword too.
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    It all depends on the niche you are marketing in. If you are selling products many people will buy, facebook is a good option. If you are selling more specific products, you may want to work more on Adwords.
    Jacob Sterbenk, JV Manager
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    There are many platforms:
    1. Google adwords. There is quality score, the lower your quality score, the higher your ad expense, so follow their guidelines how to create high quality score.
    2. Bing adcenter. After merged with yahoo, it becomes the favorite solution to replace google adwords.
    3. Plenty of Fish. Suitable for dating niche but you can apply it for almost all niche, the key is to check the demographic and testing.
    4. Facebook. The largest social network, you can target based on demographic.
    5. Traffic Vance/Lead Impact/Direct CPV. All are PPV network, suitable for CPA.
    6. 7search. It's recommended by cpa companies for newbie because of their cheap cost.

    Hope this helps.
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    You can not pay and go with paid advertising specially google adwords. If you do probably you will lose your hard money.

    Whatever paid netowrk you use, you need to do split testing, may be you have to spend some money in the beginning, after that you can set to one campaign that is profitable...
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    Wow. All over the place on this one. Here you go. Google adwords is a great platform. If you do things correctly you don't have to worry about bans. Facebook PPC can get expensive. Google adwords can get very expensive as well. If you learn to do it correctly though you can make money like crazy with Adwords. I've been doing it for 9 years. Bing is a good cheap (when done correctly) place to go as well for PPC. (it's about 40% of the volume of Google but it is a good converting source) has literally so little volume it's a waste of time. 7 search is mainly bot traffic. Sure it's cheap but the quality is non existent. Some things do convert there. But, the traffic source as a whole isn't very good.

    And you hear people say if you know one you know them all. There is truth in that but it's not entirely a true statement. PPC is PPC. However, each adsource has it's own intricacies. Bing doesn't convert the same as Google or Facebook. Why? Different demographics.

    The best thing anyone can do is to learn how PPC works (The right way. Google's training is free sure. It's also very basic and designed to make you spend money and lots of it. They are a business remember.) then do some low budget testing. Hope that helps.
    Get Our Affiliate Marketing Training Step By Step Course Free!
    16 Years Experience As A Professional Internet Marketer
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      Google publishes just about all you need for adwords.
      They did that for a reason. It's one terrific tutorial. cannot learn to make money it from a tutorial, webinar,
      book, ebook, or anything similar. That is up to you.
      You have to be willing to spend the time, money, and
      effort in testing it. Either that or hire a company to run
      it for you.

      No question, google adwords is the best. All others pale in
      comparison. They are a drop in the ocean compared to
      adwords. If you can't use adwords, yes, they are all
      basically distant seconds. Not to say you can't make money,
      but google has this down to a science. FB has had some
      very bad publicity lately about just how effective their
      ads are. Stay tuned. They are frantically trying to make
      it better.

      If I could not go with adwords, I probably would find a paid
      link service. Not the same, but I'd do that instead of FB or


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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