Newbie to ADSENSE and Can Custom blog help in Adsense ?

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Hello! Guys i am newbie to adsense.

I have list of few great unique articles on technology, games, telecommunication etc.

Can i operate adsense on BLogger , Wordpress or any free custom blog sites.


Is it compulsory to register for new domain and hoster for this Revenue process.

Also, if blogger good for adsense then ,
Can i make good income from this.

Please provide pdf or videos for getting approved for blogger and whole process of this.

I will be very thankful to that person, who can give any generous advice on this issue.
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    You Can only try with Blogger (blogspot), You cannot use and another free. Just Blogspot or that could used to
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      Making money using blogger is very time consuming and you can not actually have control over design/tracking/optimizing. I suggest you go with your own domain which would cost about 8$ and own hosting (4$ per month) . You can choose any other cheap hosting also. But to learn adsense i suggest go with your own site.

      Making money on adsense is a long term plan. You need to have a proper strategy and implement it diligently. There are certain marketers who make money from adsense but its not all to their business model. There is lot more that goes into making consistant income.

      To understand the system check on of these two sites.

      AdSense Flippers | AdSense Sites | Niche Websites | Internet Businesses For Sale
      Niche Site Building, SEO, and Internet Marketing

      They have very good articles about the entire business model depending on adsense and various guides free of cost. I highly recommend you understand the system first.


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    I haven't use myself, But
    YES, you can earn money with adsense on Blogger. It's even better if you are a newbie and want to test things out. Besides, that way can keep your cost low or free. I started
    making money with blogger few years ago and I didn't even know what SEO is back then. Well, that blog still making me some money today and getting stable traffic everyday eventhough I stop updating it.

    some advantages from my own finding,
    1. Adsense account get approved pretty quickly (after you put some good content on it)
    2. very low cost (no hosting fee) or free if you dont spend on domain
    3. able to get some quick traffic even without SEO

    1. not flexible,
    2. will not be able to use any plugins to enhance your blog.
    3. difficult to position your blog as authority if you dont use custom domain
    4. CTR tend to be lower

    My advice if you going with Adsense on Blogger, the thing I wish I did right from the start is... Keyword Research, it affect so much on your Adsense earning potential and traffic.

    Anyway, you can check out this case study on WF
    I myself did similar stuff to him before so I'm very certain that this will work

    Hope this helps
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      Thanks to Everybody.
      You all have explained in very narrative manner.
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    The best way is to buy a host and a domain, I have used blogger many time but when I've bought a host and a domain and setted up wordpress my rank has boosted a lot!
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      Originally Posted by gifz View Post

      The best way is to buy a host and a domain, I have used blogger many time but when I've bought a host and a domain and setted up wordpress my rank has boosted a lot!
      Thanks SIR for ur valuable feedback.

      I am newbie to it , so firstly i will try on Blogger , if i find succeed in it than i will switch to Domains and host.
      Is it right or not?
      I need ur suggestion.
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