What are you currently using to track your Adsense?

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I've been using adspytracker forever, but it stopped working properly about a month ago. Support has been no help, so I'm wondering what other Adsensers are using for their tracking.

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    Mostly using built-in channels & clickaider. The latter provide more additional info.
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    Use adsense ad channels. See help documents if you want to get more info about this.
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    John, are you using Hostgator?

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    Thanks for the response Evita. I'm not using hostgator. That's the first thing adspy support asked me.

    Are you currently using adspytracker successfully?

    I used it for years but it stopped working. I use it on different hosing accounts, with different setups, so I thought it must be a firefox, or new IE, or a Google thing. I am guessing the adspytracker creators don't update their software for changes.

    If you're running it, can you let me know if it's tracking for you?


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      I am using adsense ad channel

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    What do you need to track with Google AdSense that the default tracking features doesn't track?

    You may use OpenX to track AdSense too.
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    Google recently added the capability for Adsense users to add a lot more channels than in the past. Unless you have a million sites then using channels should work.

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      How about Google Analytics? You can now use analytics to track adsense traffics, clicks & earnings.
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    John Rowe i still see adspytracker.com online. Any update on script so far?
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    Stat counter exit pages give you some info that adsense tracking will not give.

    I dont use the google analytics. But stat counter gives some CLOSEST information about the exit pages.
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    What are you talking about?
    Adsensetracker tracks more than just an
    adsense channel. It will give you a lot more info than even Google Analytics.
    It can tell you :
    the page with the ad, its SIZE and dimensions, the ad format, by hour, date,r referring
    domain, referring keywords and urls, the IP ADDRESSES, fine 'graphical' details over a full year...
    You can view in a neat table the adlinks only, or the adunits or 'for search"
    A few other things as well...
    Unfortunately you are correct,
    it stopped working.
    I am going to annoy Matt Calens brother Brad, as recently purchased his
    niche finder and ask him to kick him in the .
    The thing that was GOLD about it is you can see where your traffic was coming
    from EASILY for the keywords and WHICH Ad they clicked on and WHICH PAGE
    it was on...so you could focus more keywords for that page to bring in more focused traffic.
    I dont like to use GA on my adsense sites and if you dont know why..well...anyway.
    Hope he renews this product because it was very handy.
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      I give each of my ad units a unique name related to my content so I can easily track their performance from the adsense interface.

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      You guys realize this thread is 2 years old?

      No 3rd party squeeze page Ad tracker software will ever give you more REAL Adsense data than Google Analytics/Adsense, I don't care what they promise you, they don't have the real data.

      Besides you would have to be higher than a kite to share any personal data with a home made 3rd party software!

      It's crazy what info. people are willing to share on the net., good luck with that.

      BTW, anyone running Adsense & is paranoid about Google Analytics is beyond help.
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