Why is SEO so untapped? (for companies, in general)

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Seems like theres so much potential to get your company top ranking (and thus get a TON of inbound traffic)

I have a friend whos generating MASSIVE amounts of traffic to his sites for online services and making $17,000 a day,
he was broke about 2 years ago.

I'm just blown away by how untapped SEO is,

what you do you guys think,
especially those of you who've been around for years, what's your take? and how much more competitive has it become in the past few years (or even past 10 years)
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    I think.. your friend doesn't make 17k a day
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      Originally Posted by Nelapsi View Post

      I think.. your friend doesn't make 17k a day
      word. bit of a non sensical post?

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      Originally Posted by Nelapsi View Post

      I think.. your friend doesn't make 17k a day
      I think your friend is tapped out.

      Companies, real ones anyway, probably have a little item in their
      budget called, "advertising."

      How about this:

      Why is advertising so untapped?

      Oh. They want to rely on google...


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    If your talking about ranking for a brand name/company name in SERPs, and you are that brand i.e. "Famous Billy's Yum Yum Sandwiches" your domain is "famousbillys.com" and someone types in that keyword your pretty much guaranteed the top spot unless you made some serious errors.

    The thing is how many people type in "Famous Billy's Yum Yum Sandwiches"? This is great if you already have brand recognition, but if you are building a brand or you are just a small local business you probably aren't going to get much traffic by ranking for your company name.
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    There is huge potential in SEO for sure. 17k a day is not unheard of at all. Especially when you are selling high ticket items ($100+/sale)
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  • Rebel24,

    I think many companies don’t participate in SEO activities or don’t do so effectively because there is a lot of misunderstanding about how important it is when doing business online as well as what to do. Like many other online marketing activities, business owners may feel like its an easy job and anyone who is good with a computer can do it when this couldn’t be further from the truth. I think we will see an explosion of companies moving towards this kind of marketing in the next few years especially when more companies are moving sizable amounts of their budgets into online advertising.

    Here is an interesting article on the state of the SEO art,

    The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content - Forbes

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    $17,000 per day is ok If your just starting out.

    After 2 years I figured he would be earning around $50,000 per day.
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    I'm a business owner, and SEO has to be my biggest waste of ad dollars to date. A great website is a must today, and my site has converted a ridiculous amount of sales for us. The key is that we use a lot of different lead sources to get that traffic other than SEO. We aggressively track leads, and Im not sure that I have ever made a sale that I'm convinced came from SEO. I've spent thousands and I still can't rank for local keywords with 200 monthly searches. It's crazy.
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    Because business owners (1) don't know about seo and (2) don't believe in seo when they do hear about it.

    Also, there's no way your friend is making $17k/day. Come on.
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      ill actually make an edit here-
      im not sure he makes $17,000 a day, what I am sure is he routes 17,000 calls per day for like cable tv, direct TV and such, I figure he must get at least $1 per call routed.

      and I believe SEO IS very untapped,
      search for instance "medical lawyer new york" - you'll see theres a lot of smaller sites ranking on the top 10, this is quite common for many industries, and to me feels largely untapped.
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