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Hi Guys,

I just had a newbie to internet marketing ask "what would be the better way of making money online starting out as an affiliate. Should I use Free SEO or Paid advertising as in PPC and PPV."

A pretty vague question to begin with as i haven't got a clue what product or service she is selling as an affiliate etc but I simply answered with depends on your starting budget etc and what you're selling. I personally have had success with both but to build an online business from scratch with little start up I will suggest to go with SEO so then you know how to make money from nothing. It will take longer to monetize as you will need to wait for your site to rank first but will be worth it in the long run as your profit margin will be rewarding. But it will take longer. Then from the money you make from the commissions you made using SEO techniques you can start playing around with PPC and PPV. I also said to start with smaller goals like low competitive keyword phrases so you can see rankings quicker and see results which will allow you to get the confidence to tackle harder keywords.

Is there any other advice of which you would give her. Other than what I have already noted?
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    My advice would be to 1) get going right now and build out a website and 2) learn from mistakes made so the next site is a little better.
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  • Paid traffic is very costly and short time while seo is less costly than paid and long time,
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    I am depended on the SEO traffic of my site.
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  • Matt Pikstone,

    My advice would be for your friend to at least do SEO but to strive for both. Unless she doesn’t have a product/service that lends itself well to online conversions, paid advertising online is essential to getting the most out of marketing on the web. In contrast, SEO is quickly becoming a standard of web development. Organic search is the bare bones least that web marketers should be doing to promote a web property.

    This article on SEO vs Paid search has some great points about using the two together,

    SEO vs. Paid Search -

    Hope that helps,

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    SEO costs your business a lot of time -- so it's not as though it's free traffic. It's also very hard to scale up when you find something that works and you are always at the mercy of the search engines. Your rankings could drop overnight at which stage your profits would also.

    Paid traffic is a much smarter option. You don't have to worry about all that SEO non-sense and you can drive as little or as much traffic to your offer as you want. Once you find a campaign that is working well you can then scale it up which you can't really do with SEO.
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    SEO Traffic is better since it is more targeted. With that said, there are other free ways to generate TARGETED traffic. The key is to use the right filters. Invest a lot of time into research. Generating online traffic is EASY. What is not so easy is filtering that traffic so it generates $$$.
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      Originally Posted by icoachu View Post

      SEO Traffic is better since it is more targeted.
      I don't agree with that AT ALL.

      I could go and spend half a year trying to rank my website for the term 'auto insurance'.


      I could go and buy banners on all of the top websites that come up in the search engine for the term 'auto insurance'.

      They will be the exact same person seeing both offers so how can you say it is more targeted? I can get my ad instantly infront of the exact same people I would get if I went the long drawn out route of SEO.

      In conclusion... paid traffic is MUCH smarter.

      More often than not you will find the people who sing praises about SEO are those who are trying to sell SEO services.
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    If you are looking for instant traffic then you can go with paid traffic but if you are looking for long term business then you should go with SEO, you need to keep patience, as SEO will take some time to drive results but you will get more leads and traffic through SEO rather than PPC.
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    paid traffic will bring you ROI quickly but seo traffic will take time in terms of your ROI.
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    Both are good, SEO is not free and usually takes weeks but more likely it will take months

    Paid traffic is instant but you must understand how to create creatives that are appealing and landing pages that convert
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