Here's What Google Thinks About Article Marketing, Widgets, Footers and Themes

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"Whenever you get a link from just a WordPress footer or a random footer or, you know, when someone installs a widget, or they install some theme on their content management system, it's often the case that they're not editorially choosing to a link with that anchor text," says Cutts. "

What is Google's thinking about links from article marketing, widgets, etc? - YouTube!
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    Thanks for sharing , Mattcutts View..............
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      Originally Posted by Karan Rawat View Post

      Thanks for sharing , Mattcutts View..............

      It's where they're going as they develop the means to discount these sorts of links. Refuse to listen at your own peril. The last year should have told you where they're all going. I've quit with the blackhat crap (yes, article marketing and other linking scams is blackhat). I'll be working on EARNING links by creating content and actively asking for links.

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        Originally Posted by Carl Brown View Post

        It's where they're going as they develop the means to discount these sorts of links.
        That's true and Google is doing this because people keep abusing what used to be a legit way of getting backlinks.

        However, Matt Cutts says in this video that a theme or widget inbuilt link is not really one that the one that uses it would like to place on their site and does so unknowingly. In my opinion, it's by choosing to use the theme/widget that the website builder is already giving a vote of trust to the developer and, as such, I see no reason to discount the link. This also applies to footer links that website development companies place on the sites they make. The site itself is a testimony of their work and should be counted as such.

        I think that in their "quest" to eradicate webspam, Google is also hurting honest businesses, maybe even more than spammers, because spammers will always find another way to spam, whereas honest businesses will keep suffering from the measures Google takes.
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    yes. I agree Matt cutts words. At the same time, i am seeing my competitors using the same strategy and they are well ranked in first page top positions. Have reported Google on this, no reply yet.
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    I am pretty sure Thomas Jefferson posted about this back when it was current..
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