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Sorry if many of you have seen enough of this, but I am new to this forum, and I read some of the most popular topics written by two of the best forumers here.
I'd like to use the Google Keyword tool to search for keywords and find micro niches to create a site for. In the posts of these two guys, one said that the competition of the word must be high, because many people are giving their money for the given keyword/topic; whereas the other guy said that the competition has to be low, no more then medium.
I'm a bit confused. I see more people going after low competition keywords, but I find more sense in high competition ones. What are your experiences and opinions on this one.
The topics I am talking about are: "The $100/day in 3 months challenge" and "How I got to $300/day". Both are ones who rank on the first page of this forum for views. (I've paraphrased the names of the topics, but you will find them).
Sorry for talking so chaotically, but I don't perform well when I'm on 3 coffees
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    It all depends on how much energy to work you have. If you go for high competition keywords, the rewards are higher (more money) but you will have to work both hard and smart to get good rankings and sales... and it could take a longer time... But the rewards are there!

    Now if you go with low competition keywords... the work will be easier and you will get the rewards faster (but a smaller amount) and you might have to build several micro sites to get good rewards.

    If you are just starting out and are new, it's best to go for low competition keywords first and work your way up. If you have experience, energy to work hard and smart, have a skill set that is in demand, then high competition keywords may be the better option.

    Hope this helps
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  • NoMoreWords,

    Ideally, you will want to target both high competition and long tail keywords for your site. If the high competition keyword is important to your goals then you really don’t have a choice but to try and rank for it. For instance if you were in the business of selling bikes online and one of your target keywords was “buy a bike”, even if it was the most competitive keyword phrase out there, you really can’t get away from not trying to rank for it. If the phrases you want to target are not that important to your goals, then perhaps you have more flexibility in choosing less competitive keywords. As mentioned by HappyEagle, higher competition words will take more effort to rank for (because more websites are using them).

    Here is a good post on the subject,

    Good luck!

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