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I see enough threads on people who have had their Adwords accounts banned. I want to know from someone who is actually using Adwords today how can I promote an affiliate offer and not get banned. To be specific in my questions:

1. Should I not pursue Adwords if there are no ads on page when search keyword?

2. Are free toolbar downloads ok for an Adwords ad?

3. Will adding theses items to my site be sufficient for site approval:
Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
Contact Us (with phone and mailing address)
Affiliate Disclosure
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    You can promote affiliate offers with adwords. I think what they hate is a page that try to convince visitors after willing to exit the page. pls read their policy.
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    If you want to promote CPA offers, try here there are etter disscussion.
    Ad Networks - CPA, CPM, CPL - Millionaire Makers..
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    1. Using Adwords or any other PPC if there's no ads for a keyword is virtually irrelevant. Maybe you're not using the right keywords. Maybe it just happens that no ads were show at that moment for various reasons. And yes, maybe there are nobody advertising on those keywords, although it seems unlikely. The point is, you need to advertise so do it. Otherwise, you don't make money.

    2. Check the Adwords guidelines and policies for this and many other questions.

    3. Not particularly but good practice to have in any case. A contact us is not necessary but does build trust with visitors. No need for an affiliate disclosure. If you are providing software downloads as seems to be the case, definitely have a TOS and policy. There's a section on this in the guidelines.
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