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Hi everyone,

I've started up my first new site muscle-e[dot]com. If you look at the site you can see the layout is simply for the latest posts to appear on the homepage. I posted a thread yesterday and was given advice to change my homepage to a static page with use of my keywords.

Is that a good idea? If I change it to a static page with more general information, then the latest posts will be on the left hand side sidebar instead. Isthat be better?

I would just like to know from more experienced individuals then myself what you would do to make the site better optimized for on page seo?

Please let me know your thoughts if you can :-)

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    Yes I am totally agreed that, onpage Search Engine optimization is better Layout for the website.
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      Hi Danny,

      There are advantages in both static homepage as well as blogging format. I would say that if the main purpose of your website is to be a blog, with the goal of getting a steady readership, then go with a the standard blogging layout. However, if your website has another primary purpose then use a static homepage, and move your posts page to a blog section of that website.
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  • Dannyboy30,

    The advantage to having a multi-page site (in terms of onsite SEO), is that it allows you to target multiple keywords. Ideally, when you perform onsite SEO, you will want to include one target keyword per page. When you have a blog layout, you can still optimize each post with different keywords however there is always only ever one page on the website making it difficult to optimize for multiple terms.

    There are also a variety of other benefits to having a static front page however these may only be benefits if your site fits certain criteria. For example if your site is a business, people invariably need to know what your business is and does. A static front page can help answer those questions as opposed to visitors arriving at an ambiguous blog post that may or may not have anything to do with your routine business activities.

    This post offers some good pros and cons of having a static page and not having one,

    Q+A: Is a blog better than a static page for your home page?

    Hopefully that helps you,

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