Bulk SE rank checker tool for list of websites and a keyword?

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I want to do some direct mail and I have a list of URLs to of prospects' sites. I would love to be able check them all against the hot keyword. For example, if I had a list of URLs for Chicago plumbers and the hottest keyword was "Chicago Plumber", I would love to be able to generate a table of URLs with their corresponding rankings so I could generate direct mail that was:

Dear Mr business owner,

Your website acmeplumber.com ranks 56 for the keyword Chicago Plumber. That sucks and you should hire me.

Your pal,


Any ideas?
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    try this: free monitor for Google
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    found this here,that you can try.
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      If it is 4 or less you can use whatsmyserp.com SERP checker and add the domain and include additional domains in the competing domain fields. It will highlight all the results for those four domains if they fall within the top 300 google results. You could add multiple keywords and check them all at once easily also.

      If it is more than 4, you could always just replace the domain and competing domains values and re-run for the same keywords.

      The tool will also automatically check whether the keyword is in the title and description so you can point that out to them.

      FYI, tool is free.

      Check top 300 Google SERP results free. WhatsMySERP.com tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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        I would love to be able to do it in bulk where I feed in a bunch of urls....and it populated a spreadsheet that I can use to feed a word template.
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