How to Get Contextual Backlinks From PR 7 and PR 8 Websites

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Hi fellow warriors,

Previously I wrote a case study about How to Create a PR 6 Website in One or Two Days in this thread:

Part of the case study included a section about how I went about getting a PR 7 backlink from a PR 8 website.

The process goes somewhat like this. Look for a PR 8 website, analyze that website to see what type of content they link to, create great content based on their content linking habits, and subtly inform them about your content in order to get a backlink from your site.

After posting the thread, it seems that a lot of Warriors have been saying that the process is too hard or too complicated to put into action. Which leads to the creation of this short how-to...

Getting yourself linked to from PR 8 or even PR 7 websites is nothing too difficult or out of the ordinary. In fact, it's something done by SEOers all the time, and it's something that anyone can do provided you are willing to put some time and effort into it.

For an example of this, SEOer Larry Kim has posted a case study based on a similar process that has achieved good results from him:

How I Got a Link from the Wall Street Journal | SEOmoz

However, there is another question that seems to be prevalent among people who comment on these types of threads.

Why would people who work for a Pagerank 8 or 7 website want to link back to you?

Here are 7 reasons why they would do so, and several opportunities for you to get backlinks from PR 7 or PR 8 website in the process:


01. Content Curation - Aside from guest posting, content curation is another one of the hottest SEO trends of 2012. People running high profile content curation sites are generally looking for content they can summarize and link back to all of the time. If your content is good enough, you might just be the next person they link to.

02. Link Roundups - Link roundups are types of articles that many websites create all the time. They basically consist of various links to interesting niche-related articles. Websites who do link roundups on a weekly or monthly basis are generally looking for great content they can link to.

03. News Outlets - News outlets are constantly looking for sources of information. In particular, they are often looking for facts and statistics as reported by relevant websites in the niche of the news topic they are covering. You can easily jump on this opportunity by identifying the latest upcoming news trends.

04. Competitions - From time to time, authority websites run competitions where people who are relevant (or sometimes even if you're non-relevant) to the niche can participate. If you win, you can get a link to your website. Even if you don't win, you can often still get a website as they post a list of entries along with a link to your site and other details.

05. Reading List - Many authority sites often consist of a number of full-time bloggers who are working on the site. Depending on their habits, they may be into posting a list of items or articles that they are reading that week. If you can get them interested in reading your article, then you may just pop up the next time they post a list.

06. Comprehensive Resources - Some websites contain lists of comprehensive resources. These resources are listed on pages of their website that are constantly updated to include more resources and information. If your content covers a topic not yet included in their resource page, and it's good enough, you can get added to the list. These lists are often of high PR as well.

07. And More - The time would fail me if I talked about all the opportunities and chances for which PR 7 and 8 websites would willingly link back to you. These include case studies, example posts, and more...

The only thing you need to do is to keep your eyes and ears open, do your due research into the posting habits of the website and it's owner, and create content accordingly, and you could be included next...


Thanks for taking the time to read my thread. Do you have any more opportunities for getting on PR 7 and PR 8 sites that you would like to share?
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    Does getting a link from PR 7- PR8 website matters if my link is on N/A PR page ?
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    • Originally Posted by Rohit View Post

      Does getting a link from PR 7- PR8 website matters if my link is on N/A PR page ?
      If the page's PR is N/A, it was probably just created recently. Chances are it'll go up in PR with the next update.

      However, even if it doesn't, it's better than getting a link on a N/A page that comes from a PR 1 website.

      You might want to target pages with higher PR if you can.
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