My Quick Checklist for the best SEO campaign.. Would you like to add more in it?

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Hello Every one,

We have been doing SEO for a long now and getting our client's sites good SERPs. But there is always a new thing to learn in SEO and I am happy to be a part of this community of expert. I am now sharing my checklist for SEO of any new site we make. I think its enough for a new site and its fast and penguin and panda safe.

Ok, so lets start with...

Ofcourse always try to find the less competative and good traffic bringing keywords so you should get rank quickly with less expenses.

Get optimized and LSI articles by having your keywords bold and using some H1 and H2 tags with it. Make your keyword anchor text but don't overload it with it. Also use secondary keywords like read more. Get more info... Blah!! Blah!!..

Some might won't agree with this but doing this will not hurt your ranking.

Do on-page Seo for every page of your site. Do this similar as optimizing article above. Or you can also try some wordpress free plugins for this if you have wordpress site.

Old but always effective technique. Don't only use automatic tools try to do as much as you can manually. But still you can use some automatic tools like article marketing robot to get good backlink diversity.

Backlinks from High PR Private Networks:
Buy blog post from private networks. It might be costly for you but it worth's buying. It can give you direct one way backlinks from high PR site and can make your site rank quickest.

I am not talking about making profile backlinks, for me it do not work but i am talking about doing communication in different forums with your signature. But try to communicate according to your niche. It can get you direct and responsive visitors.

Getting do-follow backlinks called spammy and can hurt your site but if you do it being in a limit then it might can give you good benefits.

WEB2.0 Properties
Its a must do thing i believe as it effect like a rocket and its cheapest in the list of getting legit links. Try to use as much unique content as possible. Don't spam this too

Social Signals
Well, Its the easiest and quickest thing you can do your self if you have good engagement in social networks but if you don't have. Still you can get it for the cheapest price from various resources like fiverr.

It could be time consuming for the one who knows nothing about it. I am talking about a making a professional looking video for your website or product. But if you are low on budget so you can try animoto its cheap and quality is awesome as far as the price is concern. Once you get the video. Try to manually upload it to as many tube sites as you can. Must start with youtube and use your Keyword in its title and description to rank faster in youtube also.


I have shared the most of what I know but i am willing to know what other have in their boxes. So, Seo gurus. Lets open your box and share something because sharing is caring
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    Really a Good Information thanks for the share,

    Thanks and Regards,
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    What about having a solid process for researching content topics?

    Producing stuff that your website visitors will actually benefit from and want to read.
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    blog networks are being hammered by google, and i don't think bolding your keywords helps these days
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      Originally Posted by kurtbai View Post

      blog networks are being hammered by google, and i don't think bolding your keywords helps these days
      True about the blog networks, although there are still a few out there that are doing well to be honest. It's just all these big ones that try to make as much money as possible, allowing thousands of people on their network to post rubbish content on their sites that tend to get hit hard.

      As for bolding of keywords, this works to a certain extend, but only if you bold it in the right places (like in a sub-heading before some bullet points, for example), not just bolding it for the sake of bolding it.

      Same goes for italicize, underline, quotes and colored text. Never OVER-use it and don't be obvious by bolding/italicize/underlining ONLY your keywords/phrases all the time. Do what feels right, think about the reader.
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    Only large blog networks are gone, you can still find many (!) well working private small networks (with up to 100 sites), that produce great results.
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    Posting on forum sites is one of the best methods in driving in a traffic to your website, a way of getting quality backlinks or referrals. In choosing forum websites for the SEO campaign, the forum site should be High PR and Authority site to get quality backlinks. Choosing High PR and authority sites will be a great benefit for you as it is frequently visited by active users.
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  • Just think blog commenting is no longer a good way nowadays.
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