List of Companies that Benefit the Most from SEO & Internet Marketing

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I am interested in hearing about the successes and testimonials of great services You, as an SEO specialist, PPC manager, or inbound marketer have received. What kind of companies really benefit from having internet marketing services?

Let's collaborate and build a list of niche industries or local companies that can receive a great ROI on SEO, PPC, or inbound marketing.

Here is a list of recent success I have had with these industries:
1. Weight Loss Supplements
2. Pest Control
3. Notary Agents
4. Dentists
5. Real Estate Agents
6. Lawyers/Attorneys
7. Rental Homes/Vacation homes
8. Shredding companies
9. Insurance companies
10. Physical Therapists
11. Chiropractor services
12. Home improvement services
13. Plumbing
14. House cleaning services

Keep the list going!
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    That is actually a very valid point!

    I have ran into quite a few websites that sell SEO services to SEO companies, weird right?
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    You can condense that list down to service industry.
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    I would say anything that doesn't rely solely on their storefront.

    -Pet Sitting
    -Lawn Care

    etc. etc.
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    I think the list only valid for particular country, like the US. There must be different results/list for different countries/regions.
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    I'd say that small and medium businesses can benefit more from Internet Marketing than larger enterprises. I don't think that it's a matter of what niche they're in, as all niches have clients and people search for everything on the internet nowadays. Even those who do rely on their storefront can benefit from local SEO, right?
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    Pet sitting and lawn care is a good suggestion, and yes rcostica businesses with a storefront can absolutely benefit from website traffic. Especially if they sell their products or services online
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    I say aim higher, high volume, high value.

    Vacations, Cruises, Flights
    Car, Home and Travel Insurance
    Electrical Retailers
    Finance, Loans, Mortgages and Tax
    Recruitment, Property Sales

    Pretty much anything that:

    1. Everyone needs.
    2. Costs as much as possible.
    3. Involves a product the vendor doesn't manufacture.
    4. Is scalable.

    We target companies that already sit in 3rd, 4th for the main keywords, they already see lots of traffic, but the difference between 4th and 1st is rediculous.

    Imagine getting 8-10 times the traffic you did a year ago, if you had 500,000 visits back then, because that's the difference between 4th and 1st in the average case.

    Scale that when the product sold is $3000+ in the case of a cruise or vacation.
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    What about web designers. They have plenty of clients who need SEO and most of them are already flat out developing websites. Perfect scenario if you ask me. Get your clients to get you clients ;-)
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