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Well the title kinda gives it away, but what i want to know is if Google allows something like this? Can you realistically and safely use this little model to make a living online? And please before you blow your mouth off, Just think if you actually have any experience to share.Thanks
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    No you can't.....

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    Not anymore, your should look to put your efforts into something sustainable.

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    Not a chance, your Google account will always end up being terminated. You might get away with it for a month or 2, but it wouldn't be worth the hassle and wouldn't be a great model to make a living online.
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    No you can't do this with AdSense.

    But you can in theory do it with other advertising networks.

    I really need to test this out when I get more time.
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      See, nobody reads anything from google. Do you have adsense?
      Do you get free adwords coupons all the time? Do they tell
      you to try your adsense sites in adwords?

      Of course they do.

      Problem is, it's a losing proposition in a lot of cases. Your
      cost will be more than any return.

      Google allows paid traffic to adsense sites. Google allows
      your adsense sites in adwords. Do people ever read, or do
      they just rattle off some line they heard from somebody who
      knows a guy who heard a guy...

      However, the adsense arbitrage, as I have noted, is mostly
      a losing proposition.

      If you get a free coupon, use it. I did. I made money because
      I spent none. For the $100 coupon, I made almost exactly $100.
      Probably with a tad bit of more money and tweaking, I probably
      could make a buck a day. Not worth the time and effort.

      Just follow the rules about paid traffic, and you have no problem
      except actually netting a profit.

      Some people are probably doing just that, if they are looking for


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I think OP is interested in buying cheap traffic (e.g. at adf.ly) and pointing it to his AdSense site.

    Yeah, do this and see your AdSense account swiftly shut down!

    It might work with cheap, good quality traffic, but since when is cheap traffic good, or good traffic cheap?

    By all means test out arbitrage, but only on a site with CPA/CPS type offers.

    In fact I tested cheap traffic with my own membership site, but cheap traffic = bad visitors.
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      How cheap? I got 5 cent clicks when doing adwords....

      Has nothing to do with cheap traffic. It's about lousy,
      blind, uninterested, fraudulent traffic.

      And I have to buy cheap traffic for that? Seems I can
      get that a lot easier "free."

      It's not about paid traffic, cheap or expensive. It's the
      quality of traffic. Nothing to do with price.

      Done right, does not violate TOS.

      In fact, I'd say most people get banned doing things that
      cost no money. How's that for cheap?

      The bottom line, is that it's hard to make a net profit with
      paid traffic.

      The way google tells you to do it, with adwords anyway,
      to use it to build a following, or, monetize with something
      else with adsense.

      After years of getting free adwords coupons, I finally took the
      bait with the last one. It was a coupon with a letter to me
      specifically wanting me to run my blogspot blog on adwords.
      But not for "profit." They told me I would be able to increase
      my followers.

      If you get the free coupon from google with your adsense site,
      use it. Any money you make is pure profit. It added to my
      bottom line, and I did get quite a few more followers.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Paul is right. Nothing prevents you from doing it, provided you do it right. But the math just doesn't work, even at lost cost which is worst because it's usually poor traffic. You won't be able to profit from it.
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    Cool guys, i can agree, use Ad-words traffic only!

    Thanks question answered

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