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Hey Guys

Just read an interesting story, I thought you might like it.

It appears to be safe to say that Demand Media has conquered Panda, and is flourishing.
I found this interesting in the article which goes to show the shear amount of content they have created:

In May, Demand Media revealed that it had deleted as many as 600,000 articles.
They bascially deleted a lot of their low quality content, but the amount they have removed just makes you realise what you up against.

The Article - Total Panda Recovery
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    All the remaining articles are of 800 words and above.
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    Removing the spun content or low grade content is the first step of panda overcoming process.
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    Interesting, as I'm trying to recover my own sites, but so far I've not had any success, especially with deleting "poor" content.

    I have however just deleted all the content on my oldest site and I'm rebuilding the site. This is a good site, with original software download products, e.g. exactly what Google say they want in the SERPs. But I was spanked by Panda.

    My theory is that I was killed by duplicate content - over the last 10 years my content went everywhere. Some was stolen, but a lot was republished by me. So I'm making sure all the posts are my rebuilt site really are unique.
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